With Halloween around the corner, the annual dilemma comes back: what costume am I gonna wear? This year, looking at those Angry Birds costumes, my decision process might be streamlined.

Selling for $30-$40, you can pick from all your favorite birds: black, red, yellow. You can even a King Pig costume…

The only thing stopping me from wearing that at Halloween is that I might look like a total dork. Don’t you think?


  • Joe

    Angry Birds used to be a normal game that was 1 in the app store and now what it has moved on to ads in the payed game, stickers, balloons, carnival rides, and now this? Wow Rovio I Cant believe who will where this

  • RB

    My kid will be wearing one for Halloween and I might just get one for Mom to wear on those special nights. Haha!!

  • BLiNK

    no. just no.

  • kurt

    this is one way to get people to be annoyed of your product-put it literally everywhere

  • Very cool costume idea for this Halloween. Now decision time…..red bird….or pig…my daughter wants to be a red bird so she can knock down all the pigs – watch out pigs on Halloween night! lol