Analysts predictions are a dime a dozen, especially these days, when we’re getting soo close to the new iPhone launch. Still, as a news site, it is our duty to report on all of them so you can make your own opinion.

Reiterating some of the rumors we’ve been hearing for awhile now, JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz claims that Apple is just about to launch two new devices this fall: the iPhone 4+ and the iPhone 5.

We’re not learning anything new here. According to the analyst, the iPhone 5 will be a world phone sporting a dual GSM+CDMA chip, it will have a larger display and an 8MP camera

According to Moskowitz, Apple is expected to launch an updated iPhone 4-like model dubbed as iPhone 4+:

The iPhone 4-plus device is anticipated to be based on the current iPhone and subsume the iPhone 3GS as the lower-end offering.  Mr. Moskowitz thinks it could target one or more network carriers in China, but is unlikely to be exclusive to the region.

So really, nothing we hadn’t heard about before. If you ask me, I believe this dude has absolutely no clue what’s going on and just wants a little attention.


[Financial Post]

  • So this must be a huge band wagon everyone is ridding

  • Scaredy Shroom

    It’s pretty unfair that he works at JP Morgan and probably gets paid 200k a year to “analyze” bullshit like this and the REAL smart people don’t get anywhere close to that.

    • Hey, I’ll analyze bullshit too for 200K 😉

      • Scaredy Shroom

        Well then seb, time to change the name to iAnalyzebullshitblog

        😉 I’m sure Tina would like that haha.

      • On it! lol

  • MALdito

    “BARF!” Those pics are Hideous! Oh, and 200k just to repeat stuff thats already been speculated before? Where do I sign up?

    • javierE186

      Seriously dude I need a job like that. I can play video games all day and at night go to a tech-blog and just copy what they say. xD

  • I think it is so pathetic of Apple to have a lower cost iPhone. If you cannot afford an iPhone, don’t buy it. If you want a lower cost iPhone, get a 3gs, or even worse, a 3g.