Where’s the last place you would expect to find a jailbroken iDevice? A Lexus dealership in Orlando, Florida uses jailbroken iPad stations for customers to use while they wait…

While we’re unaware as to why the employees at this particular Lexus dealership chose to jailbreak their iPads, it’s neat to see the shots of Cydia running on the iPad ‘Stations’ in the dealership’s waiting room.

A ModMyi reader sent in these pics:

“MMi member Auntuell Mills passed us a few pictures reminding us of that exact fact. Mills was at an Orland Lexus dealership and noticed the following little program installed on the iPads being used at the dealership’s “iPad Stations.”

We wonder why Lexus employees chose to jailbreak these iDevices, and if it has something to do with a particular tweak or jailbreak app they found useful. Nevertheless, it’s cool to see real life examples of jailbreaking like this.

Have you found any odd examples of jailbroken iDevices? A local business? Restaurant? We’d love to see more examples like this one!

  • Maybe someone used Jailbreakme on it and no one knew lol

    • Kelvin

      LOL, and then they installed Winterboard and themed it, right? 😛

  • Joe

    Or maybe to install apps with installous

  • Anton

    The technical museum in Stockholm, Sweden uses jailbroken ipod touch’es as a more dynamic way to provide guests with information at their exhibitions. What my friend discovered was that they had jailbroken their i-devices so that they could remove the app store icon, no guests buying angry birds here ;). They also removed the limera1n and cydia icons. My friend discovered them when he dubbel pressed the home button to view the backgrounding (by IOS) apps.

  • Ken

    Since jailbreaking is legal, there is nothing wrong with cydia on it.
    Only if they see installous on that ipad is the news.

  • Kelvin


    I notice that most of the iPads at Best Buy/Future Shop are jailbroken as well.

    • Scaredy Shroom

      In this case it’s probably by customers who were messing with the iPads and not by the store.

  • Cameron Carlyon

    What is that theme? I like it. The strangest encounter I have ever encountered is at iStyle shop in Dubai. One of the iPod Touche 4s On Display Had Cydia In The Dock. JailbreakMe lol 😛

    • Rob Matthews

      Its called BLACK UPS HD. You can get it on the default Cydia repos.

      • Cameron Carlyon

        Thanks Rob! I looked it up on Google and found it, installed it but it doesn’t work! Can anyone help me? I have a iPod Touch 2G MC running on 4.2.1. Please I really like this theme!

  • Samuel Cortez

    Yeah,I’ve seen one in Sam’s Club

  • Jeff

    I doubt that Lexus employees did the jailbreaking…. probably just a random customer.

  • dave

    whats even more funny is, that this corner is called “iPad Station”…what do we see?
    – a table, two chairs, a giant lexus sign…and only ONE iPad! 😀

    • Goofygreek

      Yea. The customers have to fight for the iPad. The fights provide more entertainment then the iPads do. Lol

    • Barack

      There are 2 docks. It’s safe to assume the other iPad is in use.

    • Isaac

      well, I see 2 iPad docks so maybe someone took the other, or they used it to take the photo

  • fdxgncgfn

    probably a customer using jailbreakme, not an employee.

  • Paul

    Ι’ve seen so many curry’s / digital stores in airports where every iPad is JB.. Also the ones in store. Mainly just people using JBM on iPads without updates.

  • Morgan

    Recently visited a mall in Chennai, India. The iPads on display at the Apple store were jailbroken! It had Cydia running on it… Can you believe that !!!