The Loop points to some interesting findings in a recent report by Interpret, a marketing research firm. The work explores the iPad’s popularity among both traditional and non-traditional gamers in the United States.

We’ve known for awhile now that Apple’s iOS platform was making the gaming industry nervous, but I don’t think we knew how much. Interpret is reporting that the iPad’s gaming base has grown to over 8 million in the US alone…

The research firm claims that 71% of iPad owners in the US use the Apple tablet for gaming. These owners include a large number of traditional gamers, as well as an even bigger number of folks who have never touched a console.

Interpret analyst Jason Preston on their findings:

“Collectively, iPad gamers are showing slightly decreased involvement with gaming on home consoles, mobile phones, and Nintendo handheld consoles. These facts imply that iPad game developers and publishers can definitely reach a new audience on the iPad, and should closely monitor Apple’s positioning of the iPad as an in-home gaming device, especially considering the platform’s already obvious impact on traditional gaming behavior.”

With games like Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies, it’s not hard to see why Apple’s tablet is making inroads with non-traditional gamers. Their premise is simple, and game controls are easy to learn. My girlfriend won’t touch my PS3, but she loves PvsZ.

I think Preston hits the nail on the head with the last line in the above statement, “Developers should monitor Apple’s positioning of the iPad as an in-home gaming device.” Remember that neat AirPlay mirroring feature in iOS 5 we keep hearing about?

Apple would be foolish not to advertise the ability to play games wirelessly on the big screen with an iPad and Apple TV. I suspect we’ll start seeing commercials within the next 12 months touting the two products as a possible console replacement.

Do you consider yourself an iPad gamer?


  • Soto

    C’mon can’t beat Call of Duty for hardcore gaming. App Store games are fun to kill time with.

    • Craig

      +1, casual at best imo, i’d never give up a console for a tablet or phone.

  • For some reason my ps3 is collecting dust since I got my iPad

    • Craig

      Then you’re not a serious gamer, iPad, iPhone etc etc are good for Angry Birds and shit like that, there is nothing worth playing on a tablet above a console with a proper control pad, if you play your iPad and not your PS3 now, you were never a serious gamer in the first place.

      • Josh

        Is that supposed to be some kind of offense? He was just saying. Maybe he has a life, you know…

      • I beg to differ. Sure, games have a long way to go as far as tablets are concerned to match the likes of a PS3, Xbox etc.. but they are continuing to improve and there’s a lot more selection out there than just Angry Birds, a LOT more.

      • Craig are you single do you have time for a woman or do you suffer from nintendo thumb and hairy palms 🙂 hehehe

      • Craig

        Here we go, people starting with insults because they disagree with a comment, maybe we can discuss it more when you grow up a bit .. As for the games, ye there are lots of games but not 1 is worth playing over a console and that’s a fact, if it’s not swipe based, tap based or using the gyroscope it’s a major fail on an iDevice, taking up large portions of the screen with your fingers for controllers, that’s fun is it??

        As for the having a life comment, you assume I even have a console, based on what, did I mention I have 1 and play it all the time, yada yada yada .. No I didn’t, that just shows your lack if intelligence.

        Thank-you Darryl for having an actual opinion based on what you think rather than just resorting to insults because you don’t agree, nice to see !!!

      • I’m not gonna waste my time with a child

  • Tobz

    Pls what’s the other game depicted above with the wooden pin ball look. Real Racing and …