Hold on to your hats folks, Engadget just dropped a bombshell. The tech blog just published a photo it received from a tipster that appears to be of a screen from AT&T’s internal retail software.

The screenshot looks like it was taken from the carrier’s trouble ticket system, a place where reps can pass issues on to tech support. What’s so interesting about the pic? It seemingly outs a new Apple device — the iPhone 4S…

The timing of the snapshot is intriguing, considering that just a few days ago The New York Times confirmed that Apple will be unveiling two new devices this Fall. The 4S is expected to be the low-end model, as essentially a rebuilt iPhone 4.

Enter the skepticism. For starters, the name looks a little off. With previous iPhone models, Apple has capitalized letters in its name. It’s the iPhone “3G and 3GS,” not the iPhone “3g and 3gs.” The pic also falls in that “Why’s it so blurry?” category.

The spacing in the iPhone 4s label also looks a bit off, and there is no mention of its storage size like the other models. All things considered, we’re calling fake on this one. Here’s hoping Apple breaks the silence next week, the suspense is killing us.

What do you think? Real or fake?

  • Dodgerdeezy

    No size?? Hmmmm

    • Mr.L09

      its a cloud phone duh lol

  • Omar

    There’s probably a way to add items to a menu, and all they did was add an entry and took a pic of it.

    • Jasper

      Or they just photoshopped it. Very easy.

  • Will

    Iphone 4 s it is !!

  • Xavier

    I find it strange how as opposed to the other models this one has no size whatsoever.

  • I don’t really care much about the name of the device but if they call it the 4s it kinda sounds stupid if they are launching it along side iOS 5.0

  • Mike

    I work for AT&T and I have never seen a screen in our system that looks anything like that.

    • Jasper

      Maybe its a SUPER SECRET screen for just unicorns and flying dragons.

  • Daniel

    They skipped the 3GS altogether in that pic, look at it? Thy go from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 then the so called 4 s

    • They are on page 2 of 2, if you look right below the 4s..

  • Hoss

    Already debunked. Fake.

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    • ic0edx

      Eat Balls!!!

  • Jeff

    Probably just a typo, notice how the list is missing “3Gs”

  • Erick

    If you look under the “iPhone 4s”its page 1 of 2, maybe on the second page it has the other new IPhones

  • Erick

    Oh, nevermind, they are on page 2

  • Jasper

    The letters i and P look different from the rest, also the space between the iPhone 4s. This is also VERY easy to photoshop. Someone could do it in 10 minutes. I say fake.

  • Virgin boy in america

    Fake font even fucking match look at the sizing!!

  • 3G variants are missing, 3GS is missing alphabetically and so would be the 4s black