Another week, and that can only mean one or two things; you just got paid, and/or it’s time for another episode of Ask Jeff.

As always, this is the show where you the viewers get to ask the questions, and I do my best to provide some decent answers.

On this week’s docket, we tackle Apple fanboys, compare Android devices to the iPhone, queuing in line for the iPhone 5, and chit-chat about some of my favorite jailbreak apps. If you have a question that you’re just dying to get answered, step right up…

Was your question answered this time around? If so, congrats! If not, then by all means, ask again.

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  • Hey Jeff, What are you most looking forward to in IOS5?

  • Jack

    Jeff, where do you see the iPhone in 3 years? To be specific, in terms of iOS vs. Jailbreak. Will there be a need for the average user to Jailbreak our devices if Apple implements let’s say SBsettings.

    • Josh

      I’m not Jeff, but i’ll give my opinion anyway. I don’t think Apple will ever be able to implement ALL the great tweaks the Cydia store has to offer, maybe some, but not all. And in my case, and unfortunately in most people’s cases, I jailbreak my iPhone to get Installous. I know it’s not right and that it’s a pain in the ass for game developers, but I have no other way (that I like) to get games. My parents won’t give me a credit card, and there’s not even an AppStore in my country. Still, that doesn’t make it right, but anyway, I think the jailbreak community will always be on top, since they’re (or we’re) the ones who can easily notice what’s missing.

      • bhyubguihui

        Apple can never beat kailbrealers, jailbreaks make stuff that you currently cant unless waiting for the next ios update, while jailbreaking, there are many new packages every day. So unless apple sells tweaks,themes, and other jailbreak apps in the app store, no way will they get close to us jailbreakers.

      • bhyubguihui

        using installous is okay for you, because, even if you were willing to pay for the app, the dev would get no money because there is no app store in your country.

    • Scaredy Shroom

      I’d like to nominate this question, fantastic question right here.

  • Pat

    Jeff the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 are coming up fast, how long do you think it will be after the release before a jailbreak is available for the iPhone 5 on iOS 5 and what are some good iPad tweaks?

  • Anthony

    Jeff do you know when kbshortcuts will be released?

  • goofygreek

    Lol, win 3.1, i loved that os, and dos was always great to me.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Can you list the shows you watch on YouTube here?


  • Josh

    Hey Jeff,
    Do you think the jailbreak community will be able to release an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 (FINAL)? If so, do you have any idea if it will update your baseband and if Ultrasn0w will be able to unlock it?
    My life depends on it 😉 Thanks

  • Peter

    Hey Jeff, how do you make your videos? It seems like it’s a VoiceOver or something.

  • Andres Castro

    Hi Jeff! greetings from Ecuador South America. What app/tweak use to transfer files through bluetooth between devices, and what do you think about celeste bluethooth? There is an application that does something similar as mp3 pass to the library without losing sync iPod with iTunes. Thanks a lot i really love your videos!!

    • bhyubguihui


  • Shamoney

    What does ifile do ??

    • bhyubguihui

      its a file manager, similar to explorer on windows and finder on mac.

  • Jailbroken Quick Tools 1.7 Black Edition 2011


  • Omar

    Hey Jeff… Four how much would you sell your iP4?