Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Research in Motion once again reported dismal quarterly earnings yesterday that failed to meet Wall Street’s, and even the company’s own expectations.

Among the disappointing statistics RIM offered up were the number of BlackBerry PlayBooks it shipped (not sold) last quarter. Missing projections by 500,000 units, the company unloaded a mere 200,000 tablets…

As Jim Dalrymple of The Loop points out, Apple sold more than 200 thousand iPads in 48 hours last quarter. For those wondering how he arrived at that conclusion, the company sold 9.2 million over roughly 90 days. Do the math.

In wake of the low numbers, Ticonderoga Securities’ Brian White is telling investors to be extremely cautious of RIM. The analyst claims that competitors (specifically Apple) are beating RIM to the punch, and there’s no end in site.

White went on to say that he believed the PlayBook would eventually go the way of the infamous webOS tablet. “Furthermore, we believe the PlayBook is poised to follow HP’s TouchPad as the next casualty of iPad’s tablet dominance.”

To be fair, RIM’s Co-CEO Jim Balsillie did say that there would be a major update for the PlayBook next month, adding an email client and other goodies. He also mentioned that the BlackBerry tablet would soon be going on sale. Too little too late?

It’s definitely apparent that Apple’s major head start in the tablet market is paying off big time, as another competitor seems to be on the verge of folding. Of course, the upcoming combination of a sale/update could turn things around. But we doubt it.

What do you think of the PlayBook’s future?


  • Selcuk

    Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t… Jay-z lyrics!

    • Keebler

      Word to hova

  • BLiNK

    seen this coming a mile away. next…

  • Drs

    Theyre gonna have to understand it has nothing to do with the product itself, it’s all about the name.Not that the iPad isn’t great, but it doesn’t matter what the competition puts out there, good or great if it doesn’t say apple then it’s not gonna be adopted by the masses. That us untill they come with something comparable for 100s less.

  • Mike72

    Wow, only 200k? There are more Touchpad users than that! Too bad, they actually seem pretty cool, I might pick one up if they do a fire sale.

  • XepptizZ

    It’s a shame that these tablets fail so hard. Don’t get me wrong, i want an ipad and nothing else, but market diversity is key. I want a reason to choose apple, not just having too.

  • Mu’aawiyah

    The main problem that they are overlooking and is almost impossible to compete with in a short space of time is what you can do with it!!! From the very moment the first iPad landed it had 200,000+ apps already there from the iPhone ready to download and use. When the playbook released, it had about 100. So even if the OS prints money, people are not bother as you probably find an app on apples app store that can do that!! “iPrintCash”

  • Jeff’s#1Fan

    Don’t forget the fact that once apple has no more competitors they can corner the market on almost anything they want, within reason, within the technological world. I’m not saying it’s for sure, but it’s possible that apple could get caucky and raise prices. Who knows, but for the sake of my wallet, I hope a few compettitores are able to survive this massacre of iPad-look-a-likes.

  • Eventually all those cheap androids will overtake the iPad in numbers…not cause people want them, but is just cause they are affordable just like windows. Android is the new windows…sad…

  • Selcuk

    But androids suck so bad.