If you ask me, the iPhone 4’s design is the epitome of phone designs. It’s why we’re going on a year and a half since it was released, and there still isn’t a device that truly rivals its beauty or function.

I wasn’t really worried about Apple straying too far from this design, because in general, they tend to stick with what works for a decent length of time, e.g. the iMac, Mac Pro, etc. All of those products have basically remained the same over the past few years, sans a few minor tweaks here and there.

But then, Case-MateGate happened; purported iPhone 5 mockups along with them, and stuff just got real…

In the Case-Mate press photos, they depict what many are assuming to be an iPhone 5 mockup, complete with iPod touch styled volume rockers. iPod touch styled volume rockers? Yes, and in my opinion, that’s why they can’t be true depictions of the real deal.

There’s no way that Apple would force such an atrocity upon its most prized customer base. Have you tried to use an iPod touch after using the iPhone 4? Have you tried to adjust the volume? The volume rockers on the iPod touch are some of the worst in the business.

They offer basically no tactile feedback, they blend in with the side of the device, and they’re not even the same color as the rest of the device. When you use an iPod touch, Apple lets you know that you got their low-budget cousin’s brother to their flagship device. You might want to upgrade now.

Of course, this isn’t a knock against the iPod touch. It serves its purpose well, and I’ve willingly bought one. I just don’t want iPod touch buttons on my iPhone, that’s all.

Crazier things have happened, but I’m going to go out on the limb and say that Apple can’t be crazy enough to do this to us; it’s just unthinkable.

Hence, I’m hoping that the photo above is that of a redesigned iPod touch, or maybe even an artist’s rendition when he or she has had one too many. I don’t care about the reason, as long as it’s not a true depiction of the iPhone 5.

What about you?

  • Benjamin

    iphone 4s?

    • Eric

      There is no 4s. What are they going to call the 6 th generation. Phone then? The iPhone 5. It was called a 3GS to get the generation inline with the name. Idiot

  • Chris

    I say it’s the new iPod touch…

    • javierE186

      I agree with you there.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        thats one fat ipod touch then

    • Joe

      No don’t you see the headphone jack on top

  • vim

    maybe they will use the ipad 2 buttons? They feel nice…

  • Bparks115

    I agree with this blog 1 million percent. I think the iPhone 4 is pretty damn perfect. Shape, size, weight. It’s a beautiful phone. My feelings wouldn’t be the least bit hurt if the next iphone looks just like this one. I’ve been saying that all alone. I think the majority of the mockups that have been rendered are hideous. And the tapered, tear drop shape design is the worst one of them all.

    • Brad


  • Greg

    If the iPhone 4s or 5 or whatever has a tapered back like the iPad 2 I think they would have to chance the buttons because the round just won’t work with the tapered design. I do agree with you that I like the buttons on the iPhone 4 but Apple is also consistently concerned with aesthetics and the round just won’t work.

    • naya


      • OCD Steve Jobs

        you got that right!

  • Greg

    If the iPhone 4s or 5 or whatever has a tapered back like the iPad 2 I think they would have to change the buttons because the round just won’t work with the tapered design. I do agree with you that I like the buttons on the iPhone 4 but Apple is also consistently concerned with aesthetics and the round just won’t work.

  • Jay

    they were crazy enough to give us a phone with GLASS on both sides. They were crazy enough to make phone that when you held like a normal human held it, would cut down your signal. So yea, I could see Apple doing something crazy. I am hoping the case-mate “leak” is the design. I like the iPad 2 design and that looks like a mini iPad. I am not a fan of the iPhone 4 design. I think it looks like a box. I prefer the 3GS design. So that’s why I’m hoping for a better redesign, not just a 4S.

    • Brad

      I hold it like a normal person and never had reception issues.

    • Hoss

      You’re an idiot. I don’t want an iPhone shaped just like my iPod touch shaped just like my iPad.

    • David

      People who hold their phone using the “death grip” technique, are in my mind class A plebs, I mean honestly I’ve tried it and it’s uncomfy as anything plus I’m sure if you held your phone that long you’d get cramp.

      Fingertips on the sides and the side of your pinky on the dock connector is the way to go, that way all these plebs complaining about breaking the glass will have less chance dropping their phone as your pinky supports the phone.

      • Eric

        Could not agree more. It’s impossible to hold it that way and talk on the phone. A made up problem by idiots who are so jealous its kind of mind boggling. I’m talking about consumer reports.

      • Bob

        Sorry but the death grip is more comfortable to me than using finger tips on the sides and a pinky on the bottom. I’ll hold my phone any way I want. Besides, even holding it YOUR way my ring finger occasionally bridges the gap. If you’re in marginal service areas from time to time like me, that’s all it takes to go from a couple bars to no service in seconds.

        As for a redesign, I’m all for it. As much as I like looking at my iPhone 4, I don’t enjoy holding it and haven’t gotten comfortable doing so since last June. I’m just not a fan of square edges and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

      • David

        @Bob The song “we didn’t start the flame war” springs to mind.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      you think the iphone 4 looks like a box? maybe you mean brick, or the LG Prada phone

  • Pete

    “Epitome of phone design”? Don’t make me laugh. Poor reception, glass back, sharp edges… I certainly hope they will change that.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a goog device with an excellent display, but calling it epitome is just fanboy rubbish:)

  • Steve

    You’re stanning hard for those volume buttons, friend. They’re just volume buttons.

  • mb

    I personally think the volume buttons on the 4 are hideous. The 4 is a very stylish device, until you see the round buttons on the side. They just don’t fit with the rest of the design.
    While I have not used the iTouch, I have no opinion on how the volume rocker works, but I think style wise, it at least goes well with the overall design.

    • Eric

      There’s no such thing as an iTouch. It doesn’t even auto spell. It’s an iPod touch you worthless piece of shit.

      • David

        Flicking through my emails. I stopped and lol’d, thank you.

  • Kristin

    I agree. I love the design of the iPhone 4. I do not want the iPhone design looking like the iPod Touch. I like how thin the 4 is and I don’t want it any thinner. I wouldn’t mind the actual size increasing a little. Regardless, I’m not upgrading until next year. Love my iPhone 4.

  • Josh

    Off topic: has anyone seen the etrade commercial that’s out with the baby acting like he’s in jail…. Does his iPhone at the end of the commercial look big and shiny and the screen looks huge???? It looks like te apple logo on the back

  • Sheryl

    It’s a mockup, allegedly based on dimensions. Of course it’s not the real deal. I hate all this speculation. Do you people ever just enjoy your current phone?

  • XepptizZ

    Agreed on the iphone 4 esthetics. It’s my first iphone for a reason.

    And apple not crazy enough to ruin the iphone 5? “ahem” ipod nano

  • John

    Josh, I saw that commercial and its actually a first gen iPod touch

    • Josh

      Ha ha okay just saying if the iphone 5/4s comes out and look like that I’m saying I called it!!! Lol

  • Ozz

    i have a feeling if it does have different rocker buttons it’s going to be just like the IPad 2 and I think it’s going to have a lot of similarities with the iPad 2 because it’s the perfect redesign to decrease the thickness of the device.

  • Steve1

    Out on the limb? LOL.

  • Steve1

    Out on the limb? LOL. I think the article meant to say “out on A limb” …funny when people try to even slightly speak in a more sophisticated manner and say things incorrectly.

    • Jeff

      You, and everyone else here knows exactly what I was implying. There was nothing sophisticated about it. Thanks, next time I’ll be sure to replace the “the” with “a”.

      • Eric

        Just learn how to write please.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        hehe…”You and everyone else here KNOW…” “next time i’ll be sure to replace the “the” with AN “a”

        sorry, just had to 😛

  • Byton

    I’m not sure if this will be the design or not but I do know that iOS is going to allow photos to be taking using the volume buttons and imho I don’t think that will be too comfortable doing on a curved form factor.

  • Trev

    Fuck off eric, jeff is a great writer, get a life cock head

  • Trev

    Get a life eric and steve, Jeff is a great writer

  • Nile

    I think Eric needs to take a chill pill…

  • Chris

    The weird thing is it looks like there’s a sim cards slot one of the black cases. I think this is either the iPhone 4s/5 or possibly an itouch with 3g.

  • ReanimationXP

    I agree and disagree.

    The tactile feedback of the iPod Touch ones does suck.. that’s no doubt.. but think about the width of your finger.

    On the 3GS I always knew what I was pressing if I couldn’t see the phone. There was a dip in the middle of the actual rocker and I could tell which was up and which was down. Now, granted, a rocker is limiting in that you’re not /supposed/ to be able to press both at once, but we all know we could on the 3GS, and a small slit in the middel of the two buttons (leaving the dip) would solve this problem nicely.

    Bottom line, the 3GS buttons were best because they were the width of your finger, had good tactile feedback, and where easy to determine from each other blind. My 2 cents.

  • ReanimationXP

    middle* were* 😛

  • Raven27

    Case-Mate cases are junk. I threw away $30 on one of their cases that reduced my signal strength by 2 bars.

    Some days, you’re the pigeon. Some days, you’re the statue.

  • Anonymous

    Ha. Idiot huh?