All it takes is a quick look at one of the extensive comment threads of an iPhone-eccentric post to see that people have different opinions on iOS. But what you rarely see debated are its accessibility features.

We’ve heard several stories of Apple’s iDevices helping folks access technology that otherwise might not have been able to, but this one takes the cake. Keep reading to find out what the famous Stevie Wonder thinks about Apple’s work…

The Next Web passes on this video of Stevie Wonder during a special nightclub appearance in L.A. last week. During his performance, Mr. Wonder takes a break to speak on helping others with disabilities.

At the 4:40 mark in the clip, you can hear Stevie give praise to Steve Jobs and his company for their work on making technology accessible to everyone. “Because there’s nothing on the iPhone or the iPad that you can do, that I can’t do.”

For those unfamiliar with Stevie Wonder, he is a 22-time grammy award winning artist who has been blind for most of his life. Accessibility features aren’t talked about very much, but to some people they can be life-changing.

What do you think of Stevie’s praise?

  • Steve

    i have seen several blind people in nyc subways using iPhones. first i was amazed since it is a touch screen, but it is truly remarkable that apple is committee in some ways more than others to cater to disable people. you don’t see the blind using a blackberry or and android lol.

    • anon

      “you don’t see the blind using a blackberry or and android lol.”

      I don’t have hands, now what?

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        if u dont have hands, u can use the phone same way u used the computer to write here or stop with the jokes, apple CAN’T do EVERYTHING up to now 😀

        for those who really dont have hands, there should be a way to use by VOICE controls, right?? on a bluetooth handset with an iphone u just push the buton and the voice control come to the screen, of course if he/she dont have hands it will be difficult to put the bluetooth device, but if u are completelly unable to hold things you will mostly likely be with someone all the time

  • Josh

    I hate those cheesy questions at the end of each post.

    • Tsiv

      Your input is appreciated.