The Priceline Hotel & Car Negotiator app for iPad has dropped in the App Store. Priceline is a service that allows you to find the best deal on plane tickets, hotels and car rentals. There is already a Priceline app for the iPhone, and both versions have been integrated into one app, making it a universal download…

Though the titile of the app suggests that you can rent a car, you actually can’t do that in the iPad version. Priceline asks you to use its website for that, or use the iPhone version.

The app features a beautiful map interface for booking hotels. It also allows “Name Your Own Price” booking, giving you the best hotel deals available.

A cool bonus included in the app is that it gives you a $25 bonus for booking from the iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, this can only be used for a hotel that you book in advance.

You can download the app for free in the App Store.

What do you think? Do you use Priceline?


  • Jeff

    Priceline is the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I tried using them to book my hotel in Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. I specifically requested a hotel ON the strip and they ended up booking me at a hotel and charging me for it before I could even see what hotel it was. The hotel ended up being 3 MILES away from the strip. Obviously I didn’t want to stay there because I wanted to be on the strip so I asked for a refund and they refused to give me a refund(even though this was 20 minutes after the reservation had been made and 2 MONTHS away from my actual stay at the hotel). I argued with various customer service people for the next 2 weeks and never got my refund. I ended up paying for 2 hotels and it ruined my 21st birthday experience.

    After my experience I began talking to my friends about it and they all had suffered similar experiences with shams and thievery from Priceline. I would STRONGLY suggest not using this service. It is a scam. I honestly can’t believe William Shatner lends his name to this garbage company.