Florida Police are looking for three men that stole $60,000 in iPads from a local Best Buy in 60 seconds. The trio of culprits broke into a Best Buy early in the morning Monday and made away with 60-90 iPads.

That’s one way to avoid Apple’s online shipping dates. The cast of Oceans 11 would be proud.

Naples News reports:

“Lee Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an alarm activation at Best Buy located in Coconut Point, 8000Mediterranean Drive, Estero, just before 5 a.m. They found the rear door pried open and merchandise on the ground.

The store’s manager said an initial check showed a cage door pried open and 60 to 90 Apple iPads missing. The manager estimates the value to be about $60,000.00, according to reports.”

The men were dressed in black, and the report notes that they made “a specific search for the iPads” upon entering the store. According to Best Buy surveillance, it took the thieves one minute to grab the iPads, drop them in a black bin, and walk out the back door.

As Cult of Mac notes, while this was a fast grab, it doesn’t break the record. Back in May, burglars in Ohio stole 24 MacBooks and an iPad from an Apple store in under 30 seconds.

Now it’s time for you to try and break the record! Just kidding. Don’t do that.

  • Frank

    LOL, im not trying that

  • Jason Masters

    These guys must have been practicing for a while and prepared for this. I wonder how they are going to unload all those pads craigslist?

  • John doe

    Im going to try it and tell the cops you told me to!

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      its John…not jane. why are you so rude to everyone?

      • Tim Cook


  • pablo

    30 seconds maybe the record but they stole under half the amount of these guys. Going by the ratio, 60 in 1 minute is the fastest!!!

    • JamesTrintz

      Anyone could steal one in 10 seconds, would that then be a record to Cult of Mac?

      • Rob

        Bad math. 60 in one minute = 1 iPad every second. 1 in 10 seconds would be 10 times slower 🙂

  • numbnuts

    if they were stored on a pallet like the photo, 60 in a minute highly possible without much practice. it’s like when we had specific stock stolen from where I worked years ago. that was an inside job, either through knowledge from the delivery company or an employer on the team who took a % of the loot. and before anyone suggests… I was not the culprit! 🙂

  • Vegueta

    this is what i call “gone in 60 seconds”

  • Cyril

    Or gone with the wind:)

  • Soto

    So that’s how samsung gets tablets 😉

  • Soto

    It’s this how Samsung get their tablets?

    • CrazyBraulz


  • Alec

    Notice, you dont see anybody stealing and android tablets.. Hahaha

  • The Game

    I wonder how many someone could steal in 10 seconds flat…

  • Christopher Williams

    I’m wondering since i’m SURE Apple has a way of Tracking these stolen iPads..lol i’ll feel sorry for those whom bought these on Craigslist. NOT to mention i’m sure Best Buy has a way of keeping account of their Merchandise.