For a company who’s motto is Quietly Brilliant, they sure have (for the time being) a U.S. president that is loud and ignorant. The comments HTC’s Martin Fichter made Monday about the iPhone being uncool are still echoing around the web.

For those of you who missed it, Fichter made some pretty wild accusations that the iPhone was becoming uncool, after speaking with some kids at his daughter’s college. The comments set off an onslaught of criticism from tech pundits and Apple fans…

It’s not merely the fact that Fichter claimed that the iPhone is loosing steam, it’s that he said so in a public forum, with no evidence that Apple’s smartphone is declining in popularity. Besides, the first rule of sales is: don’t bash the competition.

When you attack a competing company, fans of that company (or even just users of its products) feel the need to defend it. And that alienates them from you and your products.

On top of the dozens of HTC-bashing articles that have surfaced, AllThingsD posted this comic strip:

Even if you don’t find Joy of Tech‘s comic humorous, the writing is on the wall. If your company is only making headlines because everyone finds what one of your executives said ridiculous, you’re doing it wrong. There is such a thing as bad publicity.

  • The Wizard’s Baker


  • Josh

    Sometimes I feel a lot like an Apple fanboy for defending it that much, but the thing is that I like it 😀

    And that Fichter guy is as retarded as humans can get to make such a statement based on what some pathetic college girls’ opinions.

    • +1

      Hahaha I think someone heard his horrified, crying Daughter scream when she rushed out of her Party “Dad!!!! STOP Embarrassing me!!!”

  • Spencer

    Only thing is, Everyone on that beach looks over 12

  • gaz

    Not enough jailbait for you Spencer? Go hang out with Pedobear perhaps?

    • David

      Fucking lol mate.

  • swagbot 3000

    There’s a reason Martin is the President of a multi-billion dollar corporation and iDB is an insignificant tiny little fanboy site on the web. XD

    • Craig

      There’s a reason the iPhone is the biggest selling smartphone of all-time, i’m pretty sure Apple could buy HTC, liquidate the company and still be a “multi-billion dollar” company that you talk of.

    • David

      Why compare a person to a website? That’s like comparing a tub of paint to a turd, you would have sounded smarter if you compared this Martin fello to Cody who wrote this article or Sebastian who owns this blog (to my knowledge) you sir are a ‘tard.

    • Anon


  • Ehsan

    And u guys just got this with which proof exactly? was it an official interview? Was it passed on by some teenage brat just to get some more followers on his twitter account? Where is your proof IDB of these claims? This is not even worth posting.

    • iPwn

      It was done publicly by the CEO. Google it man you’ll see.

  • wow

    really Cody? your like my wife, who gets her panties all in a bunch when ever they say anthing bad about her stuff.

  • OK. On the last three comments:

    1) Go troll on another “insignificant tiny little fanboy site.” Surely you have better things to do with your time.
    2) Take 2 seconds to stop acting like a teenage brat yourself and click the link that Cody provides in the first paragraph. You’ll see that the HTC comment comes from an onstage interview with the company’s president.
    3) Stop attacking Cody and deal with your wife.

    Comments like these do nothing but deteriorate the quality of discussion on articles. And stuff like this will not be tolerated moving forward. If trolls won’t shut up with their moaning and complaining, I’ve got a “ban” button I’m just itching to use.

    • +100

    • Goofygreek


    • Navs08


    • Cameron Carlyon

      -100 That is no way to treat your customers son. Especially when you start talking about people’s families like did to the comment above you Alex. If you think about it iDB is a small blog compared to ModMyi and others similar to it, iDB is still a great blog but you will just lose customers ifyou take the approach your using.

  • Control

    Is he one of the dads carrying an iPhone at a college campus or did ban them from his house like bill gates did to his kids so his daughter didn’t have a choice

  • javierE186

    Lmao some has no life to copy and paste that so many times.

    • javierE186

      someone* I was laughing so hard I didn’t even write the correct word xD

  • Thor

    What is pathetic is that people make purchasing decisions based on what is “cool”. Not quality, usability, functionality or price.

    I keep my i4 wraped in a ballistic case so it doesn’t shatter everytime it gets dropped. No one knows I have an iPhone and I still have quality friends. I just laugh at people with “guess” “aeropostle” “Bebe” “fugu” etc. on Their shirts. Just once I want to go up to one and ask “So man, how much do they pay you to walk around wearing their shirt ?”, “What? They don’t pay you? You must just do it for the free cloths. What? You pay them? How much? Whoaa!!! Hey man, can I score some of the drugs you take? They must waaay better than mine”