You wouldn’t know it by listening to HTC’s Martin Fichter, but it seems that the demand for Apple’s next smartphone is higher than ever before. According to a recent survey, the pre-launch hype for the iPhone 5 exceeds that of the iPhone 4.

Analyst Mike Abramsky announced the results of a recent RBC/ChangeWave survey this morning, which shines some light on the growing interest in Apple’s upcoming smartphone. And unless you’re Mr. Fichter, the results shouldn’t surprise you…

According to AppleInsider, the poll took place between August 2nd and August 10th, and involved 2,200 respondents. In all, 31% of those that were polled are planning on buying the iPhone 5. That’s a 6% increase over a similar survey last year.

Abramsky also pointed out that the iPhone 4 is nearly 15 months old, and millions of users will soon be coming to the end of their two year contracts. That might help explain the 66% of current iPhone users who plan to buy the new device.

On top of the large number of upgraders, the survey also showed strong demand for Apple’s next smartphone with Sprint and T-Mobile customers. In fact, more than 50% of subscribers polled said they would likely buy the iPhone if it was available.

In wake of the results, Abramsky has raised his estimated fiscal 2012 iPhone sales 5 million units to be 110 million. He thinks Apple could sell 27 million iPhones in the first quarter alone. That’s 6 million more phones than last quarter.

So what does all of this mean? For most of us, not much. We’ll determine whether we want the iPhone 5 or not when Tim Cook (or whoever) hoists it up on stage in the next few weeks. But for Apple, it means it has some major expectations to live up to.

Can they do it? Are you planning on getting the iPhone 5?

  • Soto

    If the screen is bigger, if not.. Pardon my French: Fuck no!
    iDB fTW!

  • nope. i’m jumping ship to the Galaxy S2 as soon as it’s available!! even if the 5 half-way lives up to the hype about the revamped design, it will still be WAY behind standards set by the S2 & the Bionic & other leaders in the Android universe! If it does come out as a minimal spec bump inside an iPhone 4 shell, i’m gonna laugh at Apple’s stupidity.

    • Soto

      Hahaha I’m laughing at your stupidity of comment. You’re not on Android Central homie. Plus it’s your lost going for that garbage OS. Some people can’t appreciate the fine things in life.

    • kadz

      LOLzzz … u kno right the iPad’s A5 .. ( which the i5 will have ) .. is light years ahead of anything
      on the market .. should take them 14months too top the A5 … as it too them for the A4 .. so shut the F** up

      • Trinity

        And who made the A5?
        And who makes the S2?
        Hmmm, see the resemblance?

    • MisterExx

      Might as well wait for the Galaxy Note then….The S2 is already outdated compared to the specs on that thing. It’s a friggin beast!

  • fukkk……that lukks awsome….
    i am really gettin this….cant wait…:P )

  • Craig

    What’s the obsession for a bigger screen ffs, bigger screen means bigger device bordering on the size of the HTC handsets which are bricks in the hand .. It’s a mobile phone, clue in the name, mobile, why don’t you buy an iPad or Mac if you want bigger screens, they’re phones for gods sake, you do occasional browsing, casual gaming and hopefully make calls n texts, why the obsession with big screens on phones.

    • Jason


    • goofygreek

      Some people like bigger screens, some people don’t. Not every one likes the same thing. You don’t see the point, but what about someone who needs a bigger screen b/c they have bad eye sight? I swear, why do people get so pissy because others want something that you don’t. sheesh.

      • Calling out goofygreek

        I hate people who get pissy at honest comments…

    • Raven27

      A bigger screen doesn’t mean the phone will have to be huge (like htc, or samsung). There have been rumors about an edge to edge screen since at least January. If after it’s released, and you don’t like it, then whine.

  • My iPhone 4 looks new after 15 months. So unless the iPhone 5 is greatly better then the iPhone 4 I will wait.

  • Shawn

    +1 on the bigger screen. Apple needs to get with the program and expand that beautiful screen.

    • MisterExx

      Like the Samsung Galaxy Note! 😉 That thing is ridiculous!

  • Roberto

    still pretty happy with my 3gs. The only reason that can make me buy an iphone 5 is it’s jailbreakable so it will be a couple of months after the iphone 5 is released. I’m thinking about getting a galaxy s2 for the time being

    • kurt

      really, you are going to be a galaxy s2 and then an iphone 5. sure you are. after holding on to the 3gs for 2 years. i believe you. really i do.

  • Shawn

    Craig you can’t tell me that looking at your current iPhone screen that you think it’s as big as it needs to be. Not that it’s not nice how it is but I see plenty more real estate that can be used. Make a smaller home button and move the earpiece more towards the top and you can gain atleast another 1/2″. The size of the iPhone screen compared to others these days is tiny. The phone wouldn’t need to be much bigger itself at all. If I see no need for an “obsession” over anything it the obsession over “‘slimness'” of a mobile phone. If the phone has all the features I want and a battery that last 24 hours, I don’t care if it’s a 1/2″ thick!

  • Everyone bent on iPhone 4 having a small screen needs glasses 😉 it’s the friggin highest resolution phone screen in the world!! In fact it’s the highest pixels per inch screen on the planet!! Get glasses 🙂

    • kurt

      it’s not the highest pixels per inch screen on the planet. thats be out done months ago. the highest ppi for a screen (yet its not in any device yet) is 546ppi its made by casio

  • Mattia

    You guys that want a bigger screen cannot be happy with anything. I’m sure when the iPhone 5 will come out you will say oh I want a bigger screen in the next gen iPhone. You did the same thing with the 3G and the 3Gs and the iPhone 4. Be happy of what you have and shut up.
    P.S. Even my grandma doesnt need a bigger screen on an iPhone. GET GLASSES!!!

    • Raven27

      Yeah, that’s a good idea. Instead of putting a larger screen on an iPhone ($ for Apple), have 50 million people go buy glasses ($ for somebody else). Go tell Grandma you’re sorry for being stupid.

  • Ilim S. Binali ugly