In the ever-changing world of Android handsets, there has been one device that has consistently stood out among the crowd — The Samsung Galaxy S II. The phone has been dominating European sales charts for several months, and has recently landed stateside.

Nearly 4 times as fast as the iPhone 4, the Galaxy S II’s processor/GPU combo is the fastest in the industry according to Anandtech. But how will the speediest smartphone in the business stack up against Apple’s yet-to-be-announced iPhone 5?

9to5Mac passes on Anandtech’s GL Benchmark results:

“Samsung implemented a 4-core version of the Mali-400 in the 4210 and its resulting performance is staggering as you can see above. Although it’s still not as fast as the PowerVR SGX 543MP2 found in the iPad 2, it’s anywhere from 1.7 – 4x faster than anything that’s shipping a smartphone today.”

Given the fact that Apple’s upcoming smartphone uses the same A5 chip found in the iPad 2, it’s safe to say that the Galaxy S II won’t be able to hold a candle to the iPhone 5’s speed. Notice that the S2 gets half the FPS (Frames Per Second) of Apple’s latest tablet.

Of course, this is all still speculation at this point, as the iPhone 5 has not even been officially announced by Apple. But the company is expected to unveil the device within the next few weeks. And if there is one thing we are sure of, it’s going to be really, really fast.

What do you think of the tests results? Does it renew your excitement for the iPhone 5?

  • monkeyboy

    Overhyped. If iPhone 5 is faster than am not surprised since it releases several months after the S2 and thats what people expect from newer products. But it would be a shocker if it is slower than the S2

    • i think apple is not going to allow that

    • Jon Garrett

      not only is it over hyped, its only a rumor and not a fact. second, the iPad 2 has a much larger battery to power that processor., Im sure the iPhone 5’s battery wont be nearly as big.

    • Kent

      Not to mention that the SGS2 is capped at frame rates. I have one, and when I run benchmark tests it’s always SOLID at a certain frame rate, never going down. That means it’s capped to keep it from a higher capacity. If it were at it’s MAX capacity, then it would slightly fluctuate from 60 to 61 to 59. That’s not the case.

      Regardless, gaming on the iPhone 4 is much harder than on the SGS2 due to the screen size. hehe. But the games on the iPhone are better and well designed, pro and con for each phone.

      • javierE186

        Well then that all can be said for every smartphone. Many of the Devs raise it to the MAX when they are testing their games. A few Devs said that they have made the SGS2 into the 75’s. Devs have said they have made the iPhone push it to 60. You need to remember that Apple puts a cap on it to save battery and so it would not over heat. I think the iPhone will be the fastest however Apple will put a cap on it once more again to save battery.

      • Jon Garrett

        and Android phones can be overclocked, none of that on iDevices.

  • that’s what i call statistics and not just screamin and shouting like “our device is better than that one (esp. Apple). iPhone 5 is gonna kick their asses

  • Paul

    Wow, the iPad 2’s THAT fast?

  • Ras

    Looks like someone is ! How cN you predict the future ? The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been released yet !

  • Mark

    The iPhone is at the bottom of the list, what a loser

    • icekillez

      that is why the post is talking about the iphone 5 having the A5 like on ipad 2 and we know it will be faster

    • Joe

      Like you can make better? They are talking about the 5 the 4 is a 16 month old phone of course I is on the bottom

      • Joe

        That was to Mark

  • Dane

    I imagine the A5 chip put in the iPhone 5 will be throttled down otherwise it would overheat in such a small space and Apple doesn’t want their phone as fast as their tablet. Think Samsung will keep their place at #1

  • Dane

    Why don’t you show a chart w only phones and only tablets and Apple will be on the bottom of both and then put the prices. Apple products are overpriced

    • Goofygreek

      That list has 2 tablets. The ipad2 and the galaxy tab 10.1. Ipad2 beats the shit out of the galaxy tab. So the iPhone may be slower. But pretty much nothing can compete with the ipad2. The galaxy tab is the closet competition right now.

      • Jon Garrett

        you’re a liar and a moron., the iPad 2 does not beat the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 I should know since I own both of them.

      • Pirates Suck

        @ John Garrett:

        No, you are a liar, a moron and a consistent troll. I too own both, and the friggin’ numbers are right there above.

        Don’t you have anything better to do than troll Apple blogs all day? You come off as really pathetic.

  • Doubt the iPhone 5 will be any faster. They’ll optimize for battery life and heat instead, since form factor means a lot more to them than to others.

  • babiloe

    The truth is the processor Nvidia Tegra is faster than ipad2 A5, but the graphics ipad2 too awesome for nvidia please reading all bench at that site.
    How faster is nvida kal-el newcomer and new iphone5 gpu and CPU will? Let’s see.
    however in the memory allocation, ipad2 wins since there too much version android to handle.

    • Viperbart

      Troll is funny. Hahaha

  • XepptizZ

    Samsung made their phone faster then their previous tablet albeit with a different processor and it’s not like the iPad is made to work like a powerhungry dictator oven. So why the hell is it so unlikely that the iPhone 5 will try to exceed current gen speeds? As everyone in the bussiness aspires.

    The only basic arguements thus far are “pfff, won’t go full power, a5 too hot, save battery”
    What? Apple doesn’t have enough money to innovate? Or are all of you assuming apple just sits on his ass all year and just slaps in a new cpu?
    This is regarding most major companies imo, same applies to htc, samsung etc. They aren’t morons, but clearly you lot are.

    • Jon Garrett

      Apple gets about 60% of its parts from Samsung so maybe all those lawsuits will make things a bit more difficult for apple.

      • Joe

        You sir are an A**hole the only things that will make it harder for apple are the existence of things or trolls like you. Maybe you can make all of those parts yourself, oh wait you are not a company that is richer than the US government….

  • Eduardo

    I didnt understand that. The iPhone 4 is CPU 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, PowerVR SGX535GPU, Apple A4 chipset… On the test the cpu have only ~800MHz. strange.