Could Android app downloads soon outpace those of iOS apps from the App Store? According to research done by Ovum research (via CNET), all outlets currently offering Android apps will serve up approximately 8.1 billion downloads this year alone. This is opposed to an estimated 6 billion in the App Store.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the sheer number of app downloads doesn’t necessarily translate to a healthy or profitable ecosystem…

The report notes that five year estimates for revenue will see apps from Apple’s App Store generating $2.86 billion, almost double the $1.5 billion estimated for all Android stores combined. Of course, we already know rampant piracy on the Android Market appears to be largely to blame and something that developers are quite worried about.

Another important note of interest pointed out by AppleInsider is the fact that Ovum’s track record is less than perfect, to say the least. They originally estimated Apple’s market share would drop to from 67% to 22%  by 2009.

Even if Ovum’s estimates are accurate, how might the incredible volume of copycat, and arguably useless, wallpaper and sound effect apps bombarding the Android Market sway the numbers?

Do app download statistics really matter when revenues clearly indicate which app ecosystem is currently the better option for devs?

  • Dane

    Who cares what’s better for devs

  • Nick

    I do, I’m a developer, and when it comes to producing apps, it isn’t the cheapest things. And yes, I would want to know which app market is doing better, because I don’t want to send it to one where it will get stolen and pirated.

    • Mattia

      What developer app store or Android store?

    • James

      It’s going to get stolen and pirated no matter which 1 you send it, you’re deluded if you think otherwise !! .. Maybe if Apple weren’t such arseholes when it came to implementing what people actually want and being such hitlers when it comes to features and what you can do with your device, less people would need to jailbreak or use things such as Installous because I for 1 don’t believe for 1 second what people say about using Installous to try apps then they buy them, 99% of people who have the full app thanks to Installous are not going to shell out cash to get the same thing.

      Good or bad, piracy is a way of the world, not to mention the fact that most devs, especially for Apple apps, make such pieces of shit and expect X amount of dollars from them, often with no way of even seeing how good or bad the game/app is before you pay .. The same can be said for tweaks, pointless tweaks that serve no purpose or don’t even work properly, Cydia and the Appstore are riddled with shit that isn’t worth paying for.

      • Scaredy Shroom

        Just because you can get it without paying doesn’t give you the right to. I hope that someday your boss works you like a dog and then doesn’t pay you, that way you will learn your lesson you stupid pirate!!!

      • James

        @ Scaredy Shroom .. Did I even mention I download pirated apps you dumb fuck, I said, if you are capable of reading, that it is the way of the world, plus, who do you think you are, people like you really piss me off, you act like you’re all holier than though with you stand againts piracy yet i’d bet anything you’ve downloaded music, films, games etc, ohhhhhhh but that won’t count eill it cos this is about smartphone apps. STFU you troll and jog on you pathetic hypocrite.

  • I just think it boils down to many android users pay less for their phone and don’t buy as many apps. All my android friends think apps should only cost $1 no matter how advanced it is. Apple users are willing to pay more and equally expect more from a product. These days the majority of people don’t need to jailbreak anyways and if a dev wants someone to try before they buy, they make a lite version.

  • north

    The Earth will also return to a molten lava liquid metal core with water and chaos.. Eventually

  • tc

    This is only because the android market is affected more by piracy since it’s more open sourced.

  • soccerkrzy

    “how might the incredible volume of copycat, and arguably useless, wallpaper and sound effect apps bombarding the Android Market”

    The Apple App Store is just as cluttered with that though…

    • warnerve

      +1. It’s always entertaining to read how the writers in this blog rationalize all the news in favor of Apple. Amateur journalism can be amusing.

  • TPFolair

    And MacDonald’s will outsell everyone in hamburgers. Doesn’t mean they’re any good.

    • Navs08