Last week, Adobe unveiled Flash Media Server 4.5 and Flash Access 3.0. With these products, content providers can finally stream Flash video to iOS on the fly without having to manually re-encode. While this doesn’t necessarily equal Flash content on the iPhone and iPad, it does mean that providers have a faster and easier way to deliver video in a Flash wrapper to iDevices.

This doesn’t mean that Flash-based games can run on iDevices, only video…

While Adobe isn’t overstepping Apple’s rules against Flash on iOS, Flash Media Server sidesteps the restriction. The video is embedded in a HTTP stream, so content providers can use the same video stream across different platforms without having to worry about re-encoding a compatible version for iOS.

Due to the nature of Flash Media Server, all of the encoding and heavy-duty processing happens on the server’s side, meaning that our iPhones and iPads don’t have to do all of the work. This means that battery life and speed will be greatly improved when playing back Flash video on an iDevice.

Most of the bigger and more influential content providers on the web have already begun to move away from Flash to more modern formats, like H.264. It’s nice to see Adobe introduce a streamlined, unified solution for Flash playback on iOS, but in this case, it might be too late for Flash.

[The Loop]

  • Burge

    I’ve had a iPhone for 3 years now and I still do not need flash..nor i’am bothered about not having it…

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      when you get older and you begin to like girls. you will take one out to dinner. and you may want to check out the menu from a restaurant’s web site. go try that now on your phone that’s not good enough to run flash. you wont get far.

      • Jmarsh5

        What kind of restaurant menu is in flash? Maybe a PDF but you are able to view PDF’s on an iPhone.

      • Chris

        I’m “older” and always look up menus on my iPhone. Never installed any flash programs. I am jailbroken, just never found a need for flash on my phone. 3 years with the iPhone and before that never had a phone that used flash. I am missing out on nothing.

      • forget about being old enough to read a menu. How about being smart enough to read. who said you must have a phone to impress a girl…take her to the damn restaurant and show her you can read

    • Bon


    • Bon

      +1 same here

  • Jad

    Can’t u just download frash from cydia

    • Rich

      Frash hasn’t worked in some time. Dont think it’s worked since early iOS 4

    • numbnuts

      Frash never worked for me, always had grey boxes or a blank screen

    • SimonOrJ

      “Due to the nature of Flash Media Server, all of the encoding and heavy-duty processing happens on the server’s side, meaning that our iPhones and iPads don’t have to do all of the work. This means that battery life and speed will be greatly improved when playing back Flash video on an iDevice.”

      Even if you wanted to use Frash, it drains the battery life… Plus, it never worked on my iDevice.

  • Phosphorus

    If you have an iPad, use iswifter

  • Vitica7

    Never too late! 😉

  • Jules

    Like many of you, I used to believe my own lie that I was OK withouth flash; that it wasn’t a problem; that I didn’t need it… until I realized I was lying to myself. All of us have come across flash videos or websites that we’ve been eager to see, and when we realized that flash was required, we acted stupid and pretended it was OK. But WAKE UP EVERYONE! We can’t continue burying our heads in the sand. Let’s stop being idiotic Apple Fanboys and let’s act with intelligence. Even the poster of this article is making the absence of flash on iDevices a “no biggie,” when it really is, since millions and millions of top websites continue using flash.

    One of the posters here felt frustrated when he couldn’t see a restaurant menu.

    My younger cousin felt frustrated with her iPad when she couldn’t play her favorite game. I had recommended the tablet to her, and now I feel bad.

    There have been many times I’ve felt frustrated due to the lack of flash, but the last time it happened was when I went to an Adidas store and went on my iPhone to check some stuff on their website before I shopped. Flash player was required and I had to say “I’ll have to check this on my laptop when I go home. Guess I’ll take care of my shopping later.”

    And I’m sure all of you have come across a similar situation.

    Nowadays, you’re smartphone should not FORCE you to use your laptop. I’m not a fan of Android phone’s; they’re not as pretty and snappy as the iPhone, but I have realized that PRETTY is at the bottom of my list. My phone should be able to help me in everyday life, not make things harder. “Pretty” will not accomplish that.

    If the iphone 5 doesnt surprise us with flash, then my next phone will have to be and android. Just think about this: android phones can do anything and iphone can, wheareas iphones CANNOT do anything an android can.

    If I were a kid, maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I am an adult; I work, go to school and have a very busy life, and I need a phone that won’t slow me down.

    • Shannon

      Well said…

    • Poun


    • BigFuzz

      Well said. +1.

      Fact is, although some don’t see the need to have flash enabled on their phones, there still are some who do. Apple should just enable viewing of flash content by default, and also have an option where users may choose to disable it should they think it is unnecessary to them. Plain simple. Win – win situation.

      • Jmarsh5

        Fact is with that most people don’t know that Flash depletes battery and will be very upset when their iPhone lasts only 8 hours. Users of the iPhone want simplicity and adding flash would not be good for them. HTML5 is being adopted more and more and Apple is looking toward future developments and not old Adobe Flash technology, which is slower than HTML5.

      • Shannon

        @Jmarsh: Please…everything you do on an iPhone depletes battery! Location services, push mail, push notifications, watching video, talk time, having a bright screen, having your phone in hot temperatures, etc…The fact that it depletes battery is no excuse. I think we’re used to different things sucking the life out of our iPhone battery. Get a car charger and get over it. The fact is Flash limits iPhone users and there would be nothing wrong with having the option to enable or disable it.

    • blokman24

      well hopefully a choppy UI and a dead battery don’t slow you down too much.

    • Chico


    • Coach

      Lol you mad bro?

    • Kikaida

      Jules: Well said!

      JMarsh5: If Apple was worried that Flash uses significantly more battery, they could just put a disclaimer like they do when the GPS is activated.

  • Shannon

    I meant NOT having flash limits iPhone users.

  • Jules


    Most of us just need Flash to navigate a simple webpage a few minutes, therefore our battery would not be affected the way you said it would. On the other hand, watching flash videos for a long period would obviously compromise the battery, just like on a laptop.

    • Jmarsh5

      Well then everyone else’s arguments are moot because everyone else is saying that not having flash is such a big deal but your saying that you only need it for a few moments. If you only need it for a few moments then it’s obviously not a deal breaker and not a bad thing because you would only use it a small amount.

  • Jules

    “This video is not available on mobile.”

    Phrase sound familiar? It’s happened to all of us. Only us iPhone users have to go through that crap. Android users can recurr to the non-mobile version thanks to Flash.

  • GrEdDySRT

    Skyfire is good enough for me

  • Stormy

    The iPad is an entertainment oriented device and the users’ experience shouldn’t be dampened by theack of Flash support, ruling out a large content of videos and games. We shouldn’t have to go through the troubles of having them re-encoded and a that. Just because HTML5 is gainning popularity is not a valid excuse. Nowadays, menufacturers try to go all out to be backward-compatible and future- proof their products. Buy an amplifier and your head will spin at the list of sound formats supported. I still like the iPad though and Apple knows that and they will end up having it their way.

  • XepptizZ

    I have never come across a webpage that was archaic enough to have flash and not have a mobile version of the page.

    Truth is that iPhones and iPads are a huge market for internetsites. So whoever wants a webpage to be visited will try to accomedate the biggest userbase.

    As for the people who ‘can’t play a flash game’ grow up, I’ve stopped playin those after puberty, regardless of which platform, hell I didn’t have an iPhone yet.


    why is everyone sooooo against flash i mean come on guys if iphone has flash then it would just mean that there is one more feature on the iphone EVEN if you do not use it there is no harm if it has flash? im i missing something here?