All of the evidence is beginning to point toward an October release for the iPhone 5, and Sprint has all but confirmed that fact, with the nation’s third largest carrier telling its staff that they cannot take any vacation time between September 30th and October 15th.

The news comes via Sprintfeed, who has managed to get its hands on an internal memo informing employees of the blackout…

As far as memos go, this is a brief and to the point affair, simply saying that, “Due to the possibility of a major phone launch in October we are blacking out September 30th through October 15th.”

Given the dates, and persistent rumors that Sprint will be a launch partner for the next iPhone, it doesn’t take deduction of Pink Panther proportions to connect the dots. Are we going to get a new iPhone during those two weeks? It’s a fairly safe bet.

Sprint is also rumored to offer an unlimited data plan alongside its new handset, a move that instantly makes the carrier a top choice amongst the likes of Verizon and AT&T.

If an early-October release is indeed on the cards, we’d expect Apple to be sending out invites to an event fairly soon, even if they intend to release the handset almost immediately after.

It doesn’t look like we have much longer to wait, folks!

  • Dane

    Blacking out what

    • Fern

      Vacation days

  • It means they cannot take leave, vacation or sick days.

  • Al

    Ok, I’m switching to Sprint as soon as the new iPhone comes out. Dumping Verizon due to their high prices and lack of unlimited data plan. Sprint here I come!!!

  • Jeff

    This doesn’t confirm anything…. it says “POSSIBILITY” of a phone launch. Doesn’t say anything about Apple or the iPhone. Could be a Samsung phone for all we know. Could be the iPhone4 coming to Sprint. STOP SPECULATING.

    • BLTKOR

      if you look at all the evidence then it is not speculation.There are alot of other news that also point to october.

      • Jeff

        If you look at all the evidence you would see that there are about 493 different “release dates” so why doesn’t everyone just stop speculating and wait until Apple announces it themselves. Nobody knows anything until then.

    • Manuel

      I work for best buy and we’ve been given the info on it. Sprint and T-Mobile are getting the iPhone.

    • Jeff

      Also, this is NOT a memo. It is an e-mail. What you see is Outlook Web Mail, ANYONE could have written this. We don’t even know that this actually came from a Sprint employee. Gosh people will believe anything these days.

    • javierE186

      I agree with Jeff here we will never be sure until Apple makes the announcement. It is true that all signs point to Sprint getting the phone (which I would love and switch to in a heartbeat), alas one needs to remember how it was for Verizon all those years, more so 2009 – 2010 when every blogs and major news corporation thought Verizon was going to get it in 2010 and look what happened. Now again do not think I am trying to crush peoples dream, because as stated before I also want it on Sprint, but one should not get to used to the idea until Apple announces it.

  • It will be October 21st it has already been on the news here in the uk

    • Prove it and show us the news segment!!!!!

      • Damn it I saw it the other day on the BBC website can’t find it now

        But apparently they are going to release it then along with a new iPod as the iPod is 10 years old on October 21st

  • The Wizard’s Baker



    Guys this site will have lots and lots more news like this over the next few weeks. if your trying to get release date news that are 100% dont read articles with titles like these. wait for apple to some people are excited to hear things like this. you do not need to read and then comment as no one on this site is going to stop publishing speculative articles.

  • ic0edx

    The funny thing is No Dev is going to give a crap about Jailbreaking a Sprit iPhone. We can all see how they approached Verizons iPhone. Also just because they have unlimited data now that does not mean they will offer it for the iPhone. ATT and Verizon have separate data plans for the iPhone.

    • javierE186

      What are you retarded? Everyone knows they went for the GSM version first because it had the highest volume of people (god knows how many millions to 1-2 million?). The right thing to do is to please the masses first then the rest and if you have noticed up to this date they jailbreak both at the same time so I think your point is bias and moot.

  • Yea it’s definitely coming out late sept or early October, I work for a telecom company and have specific training for the devices later this month.