Apple’s lost iPhone 5 prototype has been making the headlines as of late. The San Francisco police just launched an internal investigation into the scandal, and the prototype is still out there in the wild somewhere.

Funnyman Conan O’Brien has put together a parody Apple video about the lost iPhone prototype. Check it out…

Funny, eh?

(via AppleHeadlines)

  • Mayank

    hahaha awesome !!!!!!!!!

  • H.W.Loda

    can somebody tell me what exactly these guys were talking about
    i mean word-to-word
    i can not catch them,cauz i don’t speaking english
    i don’t even know what i am saying above are understandable

    • Wikk

      You’re in the wrong blog buddy !

    • Kuipo77

      Lol!! Pinche cabron

    • Mark

      Its about an ad where Apple has a plan to recover the iPhone and revolutionize torture by strapping him to a tree and feeding him to flesh eating ants.(and posting it on iCloud)

  • prplaya420

    F^cking bad@Ss

  • Soto

    Good stuff. GIVE IT BACK!