When Apple introduced the Smart Cover for the iPad 2, everyone went nuts! “It’s magical!” “What a genius design!” — Apple had made the coolest thing since sliced bread.

We recently showed you a concept for a ‘Smart Keyboard’ on the iPhone, and it got us thinking: Should the iPhone have its own Smart Cover, too?

German blog Benm.at has put together the above concept of what an iPhone Smart Cover would look like. The accessory would function just like the iPad version, except it would be miniaturized. The fold would allegedly attach to the iPhone via magnets and wake the device from sleep when pulled back.

An iPhone Smart Cover could prove to be more of an annoyance than anything, but there are a couple reasons why Apple could end up doing something like this.

Think about it, with an iPhone Smart Cover you have a:

  • highly portable case/screen protector
  • kickstand for the device that can be orientated in multiple ways
  • marketable accessory that only Apple offers initially

While a Smart Cover wouldn’t be ideal for someone that talks a lot on the iPhone, for many of us, a screen cover that folds behind the device would be perfect for texting and using apps throughout the day. It would all depend on how well the device and cover are designed to work with one another.

It’s far-fetched, but still fun to think about. Would you buy a Smart Cover for a next gen iPhone?

  • Adam

    why not

  • James

    I would luv one! Thanks

  • Spencer

    I did for my iPad and regretted it. Waist of money. Its the back of the devise that gets battered. It offers little to no protection IMO

  • Potamus

    Never in a million years! Smart cover is the most useless accesory ever made. I removed it from my ipad after a week. An iphone with this is completely and utterly ridiculous. Apple should invest that money in hard, unscratchable tempered glass.

    • James

      They won’t do that, if they made the galss unscratchable they’d not be able to milk more money out of people for accessories.

  • dangquybk

    I & many of my friends bought a SmartCover together with iPad2.
    No one use it 😀
    Really a waste of money.

  • Anon

    Magical, not magcial.

  • SS

    Agree.. Smart cover is useless! Back protection is more important!

  • Eduardo Malheiros

    I think specially after the iPhone 4 Apple is giving more importance to the fact that it doesn’t matter if they’re design, materials and thickness are great and beautiful if people are gonna wrap them with clumsy cases (basically cause they have to). To me, more than anything else, a smart cover (and a good choice of materials) would be a way for Apple to minimize the use of cases and finally deliver to their customers and their competitors a better (and more constant) view of their great designs.

  • My friend has a smart cover on his iPad 2 and the back’s getting scratched up a lot. So no smart cover for iPhone please, Apple.

    • bc

      A lot of comments like this. How about a screen protector-like material covering the back with the smart cover on the front? Do they make such a thing to wrap the back? That’s what I’d do.

      • Acolz

        Maybe from Zagg

      • Yea. Its called the Zagg invisible shield. Can buy either just the front protection or the front and back package. Best device protector money can buy for iphone / ipad. I’ve had my iPhone 4 since the day it was released. Put a zagg front & back shield on it and have had it on till today. Doesnt scratch, ding or peel off. If you do for some reason need to take it off its covered under a warranty. Just mail it back, pay for shipping and you get a free new one.

  • leviboxer

    Anyone know where the case is from in the video? Cheers

  • Jason Masters

    Doesn’t blackberry have that option when it’s holstered?

  • i don’t think it is such a good idea