Apple has extended shipping estimates for nearly all of its products on its online store, including the iPhone 4. Many of Apple’s products would usually ship within 24 hours, but estimates have been moved to a longer timeframe across the board.

The changes are visible in the US and European Apple stores, though shipping estimate changes were initially discovered in the European channel last night…

MacRumors provides a list of the effected products:

– iPhone 4: 1-3 business days
– iPad 2: 2-3 weeks
– iPod touch: 3-5 days (8 GB and 32 GB), 1-3 days (64 GB)
– iPod nano: 3-5 days
– iPod shuffle: 1-2 weeks
– iPod classic: 1-3 days
– Apple TV: 3-5 days

– MacBook Air: 3-5 days
– MacBook Pro: 3-5 days for all models except low-end 13-inch, which remains at 24 hours
– iMac: 3-5 days
– Mac Pro: 3-5 days for all models except 12-core, which is at 2-4 days

Normally, a move like this would indicate that Apple is depleting its inventory for new products to fill. While that’s still most likely the case for the iPhone 4, it doesn’t explain why other products would see extensions after being just recently refreshed.

The same iPhone 4 shipping estimate applies to the iPhone 3GS as well, reports AppleInsider.

A report this morning from sources overseas claims that Apple is already making an upwards for 150,000 iPhone 5 units per day. An Apple announcement is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: That was weird. It appears that shipping times have been updated with normal estimates already.

  • Zara

    iPad 2 ships within 2-3 weeks? Why so long? Is it a typo or what? I’m confused…

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      since they dont sell the ipad 1st gen maybe they wont sell the ipad 2 after the ipad 3 is released either. so anyone think that maybe it might come out this month? since the rumors have died down i doubt it but i wonder the reason for 2-3 weeks

      Zara it’s not a type, just check apple’s site. (which you don’t have to considering i just did and told you) hehe

  • Dane

    Does Apple still sell original iPads or have they been discontinued. I’m just asking out of curiosity I dont want to buy one

  • @Max_Kas

    Maybe Apple needed to temporarily use it’s iPad and other Apple product factories as iPhone 5 production lines for the next week or so.

  • DD

    iPhone4 showing 24hrs in UK

  • it’s back on 24 hours shipping!

  • Murdoc

    You mean iphone4s right?