How to Morph Your iPad Into a Motorola Xoom, HTC Flyer, or Asus Eee Pad Transformer Using ‘HoneyPad’

By , Sep 8, 2011

Looking to add a bit of Android flair to your iPad? If you’re a DreamBoard connoisseur, then you’ve likely already stumbled upon HoneyPad, the theme that can turn your iPad into one of three flavors of Android.

For those a little less cozy with DreamBoard and its theming abilities, what I’m about to show you may come as a bit of a shock…

As you can see, HoneyPad allows you to turn your iPad into an Asus Eee Pad Transformer, a Motorola Xoom, or an HTC Flyer, with just a few taps.

HoneyPad uses the popular and flexible DreamBoard framework to accomplish this feat, and it’s admittedly impressive.

In fact, it’s probably good enough of a replica to fool any casual passersby, though most seasoned Android enthusiasts will quickly spot the counterfeit.

One of my favorite aspects of HoneyPad is the ability to move the various widgets included with the package anywhere you please. I’m extremely impressed with the amount of options present, and DreamBoard never ceases to amaze me with how flexible and expandable it is.

All that being said, this is still just a theme, and it’s probably not going to suite your fancy to outright replace iOS, even if you happen to prefer the way Android does things.

Even with this in mind, you may deem the $2.99 asking price worth it to impress your friends and family.

What do you think about HoneyPad? I’m interested in hearing your perspective on this theme, so let me know in the comments below.

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  • Nobody

    Help me out here. Why would I pay all that money for an iPad and then try to make it like a cheaper tablet? What exactly is the point?

    • BLTKOR

      Ehum Ehum……..Let me try errrm (Nobody) lol

      quote 1. (Looking to add a bit of Android flair to your iPad? -> If youโ€™re a DreamBoard connoisseur)

      quote 2.(This is still just a theme, and itโ€™s probably not going to suite your fancy to outright replace iOS, even if you happen to prefer the way Android does things.)

      This is for people that want a to try something different for FUN!!!!!!!!!!
      Please read before commenting……………………

  • hate the above person

    the point is, you are as dumb as your comment is.

  • yOy0dEv

    There is no dreamboard honeypad theme in cydia, why ?

    • Yes there is. It’s on the default MacCiti repo.

  • Thomas

    I want this ๐Ÿ™‚ Just have to wait for a untheatered iOS5 jailbreak.

  • I was using a xoom the other day
    I like it
    It’s fast
    Fantastic display
    The os is very well thought out
    I think if anyone bought the xoom they would be very happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hasan

    Dreamboard sucks, it is a complete memory hog and the themes have no customising available at all, you can move a widget and you can move the placement of apps, big deal .. On the iPhone ram goes from 370mb down to 280mb without even running an app, that’s purely for dreamboard, balls to that just to make it look different.

    • mikelite

      on the iPad it’s a totally different beast. Especially this theme, it’s really smooth & responsive.

  • eric

    What’s the repo

  • Dale

    I’m new to all this Jailbreak thing. I agree there are some things that I would like to run on my iPhone (Flash etc). Is there a free jailbreak program I can download or does it all cost?


  • Dale

    Should have included Software version 4.3.5


  • falcon212

    the theme just updated to v.1.1. Added new theme “HTC Jetstream” and also “Twitter widget”

  • Guthrie

    I have to say despite the lack of options this runs better as a fake Honeycomb on my iPad than the real thing on my Xoom. Are Dreamboard themes all like this, it’s the first I’ve bought.

    It’s a nice piece of work. How do I change the temp to Farenheit, and just modify it in general? Any options for noobs?

    • falcon212

      have you updated to 1.1 ? theres a button to toggle the temp F to C, but only for LiveWeather widget though