Facebook’s iPhone app has been called out by the guy behind Twitter’s iPhone app, after he spotted more than a little similarity between the two apps after a recent update. Facebook version 3.5 has received a bit of a makeover, with the new status compose screen seeing the biggest change – a change that makes it look very familiar with the Twitter compose screen.

As the picture above shows all too well, it would appear that someone at Facebook is a fan of the competition’s iPhone app, with the two sporting very similar designs…

The similarity was spotted by Twitter’s Bryan Haggerty, who tweeted the comparison shot above.

It’s not just the text entry screen that bares a striking resemblance, either. As the image below shows, Facebook’s image uploading screen seems eerily familiar as well.

As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but is Facebook really copying Twitter? As TiPB’s Rene Ritchie points out, at what point does the best way of doing something just become the way to do it? There are only so many ways icons can be arranged on a screen that ostensibly does the same thing as another app’s screen. Is that copying? Maybe, maybe not.

What do you think?

  • Oh noes, they both have a textbox and a keyboard! Blatent theft! …Please.

    There’s only so many ways to do things given the iPhone’s set of UI controls.

    • +1 to Otto…

      Now, if the code is identical, then I’m sure there will be lawsuits, name calling and pie throwing!…..

      – Eric

    • PepperSh8ker

      I’m with Otto on this one. What do you expect?!?! How else could they have designed that page? A page like that looks pretty much the same in every app… Just looked at my echofon and it’s not much different.

      • Dane

        This seems dumb to me. I would never have noticed. The facebook ones look better anyway and it does so much more than twitter. Guy needs to get over himself. Text entry boxes always have a keyboard and adding photos always gives you a preview plus option to add or take a new photo

  • God

    Man look, if copying twitter means less bugs in the app I’m all for it… It pisses me off when I log on the Facebook app and nothing loads or I update my statues but the stupid app doesn’t update it… That Facebook app is a real pece of work and they need to do whatever it takes to get it working right before people give up on Facebook, I for one don’t even get on facebook on a computer… When my app start acting up, I don’t even bother messing with that crap, I know I’m not the only one

    • Free


    • Sweedestchef420

      True that man. The Facebook app sucks!! Like it’s 2011! And we have iPhone 4’s that do amazing things but they can’t make a Facebook app that works properly. But I have 3.5a??? Whatever that is. And my status update doesn’t look like that at all. It’s still the old one

  • Justin

    Nothing wrong with placing the buttons where they need to go to make the app more efficient. Personally, Twitters app sucks anyway so Mr. Haggerty can shut up. The one good part about the app is the compose screen and that’s why Facebook doesn’t copy the entire app. And wow, they stole the phrases, Take Photo and Choose From Library…the end of the world must be near when proper grammar is used to tell you what each button does. Maybe they should jump on every other twitter client in the app store because most of them use the same bar layout that Twitter does, but that won’t happen because they are Twitter clients and not Facebook clients. I love the layout Facebook, finally an update worthy of excitement.

  • Slayer

    If it’s facebook related, I really don’t give a shit! I don’t use, nor will I ever use it! Facebook sucks!!!

    • Sweedestchef420

      Hahaha true that!

    • Sweedestchef420

      My Facebook app says version 3.5a?? And my status update thing doesn’t look like that. It is still the old one. Why?

      • Casual

        Same as. my profile changed so it defiantly updated but status update is the same as it used to be

  • kirk

    I think its great they are copying the twitter UI. It will only breed familiarity.

  • Kp

    I bet they will sue each other for no reason at all

  • Fiction

    Example Uno:
    Halo: Combat Evolved button layout.
    Perfect example of the best way to do something being the only way afterwards