The war of the copycats rages on, with Apple now looking to block sales of Samsung’s Galaxy series in Japan. After already filing a lawsuit against Samsung in the US, Australia, Europe, and even the company’s home turf in South Korea, Apple has demanded that a ban be put in place on the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy tablets and smartphones in Japan as well.

When will it ever end!

Reuters reports:

“Apple is seeking to ban sales of some Samsung Electronics gadgets in Japan, accusing its rival of violating patents relating to the iPhone and iPad, the latest salvo in a series of patent battles between the two companies.

Apple has filed a suit with the Tokyo District Court seeking the suspension of sales of Galaxy S and its sequel S II smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 7 in Japan, according to sources close to the matter. The first hearing was held on Wednesday, the source said.”

Apple is accusing Samsung of “slavishly” copying the design of the iPhone and iPad, and Cupertino company’s legal outfit isn’t about to stand down. While Apple and Samsung have been in the midst of countersuits for months, Apple is now seeking $1.3 million in damages (chump change) and the ban of Samsung’s Galaxy products in Japan.

Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitor in the mobile space, and the Galaxy S and S II smartphones could pose a real threat to the iPhone if the markets adopt. The Galaxy tab was been well received, but, if Apple has its way, the tablet may never see the light of day again.

Japanese consumers favor Samsung, with the Galaxy S outselling the iPhone in Japan between the months of January and March.  In terms of the Japanese litigation, Samsung actually started the fight with a lawsuit against Apple in April. Apple recently countersued with the request to ban Galaxy sales.

Samsung and Apple are definitely the two top dogs globally in terms of smartphone vendors, so it will be interesting to see what the market looks like after all of these frivolous slap fights are done in court.



    copying a design should be based on 100-99.9% identical design. not 50-60% like the galaxy s 1. i mean dont get me wrong i am a fan of the apple and ios products but this is wrong apple will sell more device than anyone with or without samsung as a rival but i guess its more about eating the whole pie not taking the biggest bite.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      apple copied the LG Prada phone which came out in 2006. all phones and tablets out now are based on the LG Prada phone. actually the iphone 4 resembles the LG Prada phone the most

  • Daniel

    Bad news for consumers! Hopefully apple do not get their way!

    • Not true Daniel…

      Company’s (like Apple) invest $Millions and even $Billions in R&D, to create better products for Consumers like you and me.

      If they cannot recover their investment in R&D, they will not invest any more money. Then, we as consumers “loose”!

      Think about it, if you, Daniel, just spent $Millions developing the next greatest product, would you want to get your money back? Or, would you rather have it taken/stolen by your OEM manufacturers that you trusted?

      • James

        You’re missing the point, Apple sues for the slightest thing, technology as a whole, whether it be cars, electronics, anything for that matter, evolves and many things look similar or have a look of something else. It’s 1 thing to protect your investment but to sue because a something resembeles it a bit is a bully tactic to try and dispand any competition, only the huge companies want a world free of competition so they can charge what they like and you have no choice because there is nothing else to choose from.

        Huge parts of iOS 5 are stolen from the jailbreak community and Android but no Apple fans mention that, I guess it’s ok when it’s Apple doing the infringing and stealing right ??

      • anon

        “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” –Steve Jobs

  • This is “Personal”….

    Samsung WAS Apple’s OEM for the screens. Apple supplied Samsung with all the technology and specifications so that Samsung could OEM for Apple.

    Apple and Samsung had a Confidentiality agreement – but, Samsung chose to ripoff Apple’s technology!

    This is why Apple isn’t backing down. They MUST “Bitch-Slap” Samsung in front of the World, if not, Apple will lose respect, and all their other OEMs will rip them off as well.

    Apple has over $75 Billion in cash according to a recent report – they will NEVER EVER run out of Lawyers or $$$ to fight this war.

    And, don’t forget, Samsung brought this on, they are the ones who broke the agreements.

    – Eric

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      you’re dumb. the look of a device is not technology. its art.

      btw, apple ripped off the LG Prada phone that came out in 2006. get your facts straight.

    • anon

      Yeah, but they might run into a wall of common sense and judge that bitchslaps them for wasting everyone’s time and being outright anti competitive.

  • James

    Apple are scared, fact, without trying to sue and stop other devices, they know that the iPhone 5 will not be the phone you guys all make out it will. The iPhone 4 was the best phone for a few months and then for about 12 months it got left behind and the same thing will happen with the iPhone 5, i’d bet money on it being no better than the Galaxy S II and within a few months other Android devices will come out and blow it away but I guess there will always be fanboys who refuse to accept that Apple is losing it’s strangle hold on the smartphone market.

    I own an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch btw, i’m not some Android fanboy, i’m just a realist who sees what’s happening, just wait, you’ll all rave about the iPhone 5 and within months it will be dated, if it wasn’t for Androids lack of taste when it comes to aesthetics and building plastic devices Apple wouldn’t even be where they are now.

  • Dane

    Apple is a really messed up company. They’re scared other companies produce more advanced phones on a much faster release schedule. So instead of trying to come up with something new they spend all their money tying up other companies with red tape

    • James

      + 1 .. I bet not many others agree on here though, the majority of Apple fans are so blinkered.

    • Joe

      Any phone you buy will be oudated in a few months because some one else’s latest and greatest will be released. That’s why all these companies are always releasing something newer every year or so and protecting their investments.

      • James

        They don’t though, HTC and Samsung etc release new phones all the time, every few month there is a new Android device yet Apple stick to their ridicolous 1 phone every 12 to 16 months so if your contract expires after the new iPhone has been out a few konths you are faced with waiting almost a year for a new iPhone or getting an already outdated older iPhone. That is the difference, virtually whenever your contract ended you’d be able to choose from a top of the line Android phone.

    • anon

      Exactly. Apple wants to protect their “every 18 moths cycle”. Apple wants to control the speed of the market so they can maximise profit. The other companies faced with stiff competition from each other has to release and innovate fast and constantly. My money is not on Apple in the long run, even though I am a happy iPhone and iPad user.

  • Joe

    I’d like to know where you get contracts that only last a couple of months. Here in Canada we have 2-3 year contracts and you must do 1.5-2 years before you can qualify for an upgrade. If you go for an iPhone or an android you’re still stuck with that for 1.5-2 years and based on your information that apple releases a new phone every 12-18 months that still allows one to get the newest phone when contracts qualify for an upgrade. My point is that it does not matter which phone you have or OS you’re running it will be outdated tech in 2-3 months and you are still stuck with it for 1-1.5 more years, and phone companies will continue to release something better to get new customers and sometimes they mimic another device because it is popular and that cuts into proffits and any company would sue to keep income flowing and protect investors.

  • Anonymous