In a new ad by Verizon, the iPad 2’s 3G functionality is showcased. This is very unusual because iPad ads are usually produced by Apple.

The ad shows a person using their iPad in different environments, from the beach to the forrest. It also showcases Twitter and downloading books on the go…

Verizon always showcases their Android tablets, but never the iPad.. that is, until now.

Do you find the 3G iPad to be more useful for you with its constant connectivity, or is the WiFi-only iPad enough?

  • babiloe

    Any tutorial about how to inject iPad CDMA version.

  • Zara

    MyWi On Demand rocks 😀

  • goofygreek

    wifi only ipad 2 has been good for me. Im always around wifi, and if im not, i just tether with mywi.

  • Chico

    I would totally recommend the iPad 3G because it has GPS the wifi version doesn’t

  • Revvxz

    64gb wifi + 3g CDMA, pointless as fuck. Waste of money, like most apple products when they come out with a new one -_-

  • svnelvn


  • how to use cdma on apple ipad

  • Anonymous

    u cant use cdma in ipad 2, may be in upcoming ipad 3 u can use it