The folks at mTrip do some of the best travel guide apps for the iPhone around. They have in-depth travel guide apps for 16 cities in Europe, 5 major cities in America, and 7 cities in Asia.

mTrip is currently offering 7 of its travel guide apps for free! Each guide normally costs $5.99, so if you plan on ever visiting one of the offered cities, make sure to grab the guide for free while you still can!

Free travel guides are currently offered for:

mTrip makes quality apps, with visually stunning and interactive travel guides that give you a detailed and thorough walkthrough of a city.

Each travel guide is downloaded to your device, which means you don’t have to worry about a 3G connection. Each guide also offers personalized trip itineraries, offline map and navigation services, augmented reality, and trip sharing through mTrip’s web service.