Facebook has released a gigantic update for its iOS app. Facebook 3.5 is now available in the App Store, and it brings a slew of bug fixes and new features to the iPhone/iPod touch app. Unfortunately, an official iPad app is still not available.

This newest Facebook app update focuses on new tools that make it easier to share with your friends. Bugs with delayed notifications and photo display glitches have also been fixed. It’s expected that Facebook will release its official iPad app very soon, with version 3.5 being the last update before an iPad counterpart is made available…


What’s New in Version 3.5

Made it easier to share with who you want
– Added the ability to tag friends and places in posts
– Added the ability to share external links from a web view
– Added new design for Profile and Group Walls
– Improved the sharing tool to add privacy controls on posts and match your settings on the web site

Improvements and bug fixes:
– Improved Notifications speed
– Fixed a number of Chat bugs
– Made it easier to select filters in News Feed
– Fixed a bug with the Notifications bar disappearing
– Fixed a number of Photos bugs
– Improved performance and stability overall

While version 3.5 does bring many welcomed additions to the Facebook app, users have been clamoring for an iPad version for years. The most logical train of thought is that version 3.5 is the last incremental update before the big 4.0 that will inevitably be launched at Facebook’s upcoming conference on September 22.

Jailbreakers will remember the hack that was discovered for enabling the hidden Facebook for iPad app inside of the current iPhone version. After Facebook blocked the bypass, a jailbreak tweak called FaceForward was released to permanently enable the hack for those that had performed it before Facebook shut the door.

The 3.5 update to the Facebook app breaks the FaceForward jailbreak tweak, meaning that jailbreakers will no longer have access to the hidden iPad version. If you accidentally upgraded to Facebook 3.5, you’re out of luck for the time being.

Looks like it’s time to get that iPad version out officially, Facebook! We’ve got our calendars set for the 22nd.

  • Russell

    It has two photo icon. Fail

    • Vitica7

      and i can’t load my wall photos

  • axel Macintosh

    Can Hack with using FakeLocation… yay!!

  • Jon Garrett

    why is there no iPad version but there is an Android tablet version? whats the big deal?

  • numbnuts

    if you accidentally updated then surely you can recover the older install file tht gets dumped to the trashcan, uninstall the latest version then re-install the privies by dragging over to the iTunes app section?

    • numbnuts


  • Vitica7

    You can always downgrade any application through install0us

  • Andy

    Still see the old status box!

  • Checked out the profile view. Already loving this update.

  • Jamey

    The privacy option doesn’t allow you to exclude people or groups… You can only specify a group that you want the post to be visible to, but you can’t say who you DON’T want it to be visible to like you can on the website. Plus you STILL can’t tag people inline in the actual text of a status update by typing @ in front of their name like you can on the website.

  • Jason

    it doesn’t seem like a major upgrade to me, but to be fair haven’t really messed with all of it yet tho. The feed and notifications seem to not lag anymore thank goodness.. that was annoying as fuck.

  • Coach

    I still can’t get it to work on my ipad. I’ve tried everything…

  • LifeBandit666

    It doesn’t work on my phone. What utter rubbish.

  • Badlands

    So stupid. I updated Facebook and tried to look at a pic……app crashed and spit out all my apps from my folders. Stupid.

    • Jmarsh5

      Are you jailbroken? Cause that tends to happen when the springboard goes into safe mode.

  • Spizikes

    I’ll bet you Geohot patched it!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    i have a problem
    every time i try to login keeps telling me that am unable to login >!!!

    what should i do? i wanna my old facebook back

    • numbnuts

      anytime you update an app the old .ipa version gets dumped to the trashcan. in which case open up itunes and drag it back over to the Apps section. you will be asked if you want to replace the file, select yes then sync your device. Facebook 3.5 is shockingly bugged, especially the photo viewer, kept crashing on mine. I switched back to v3.4.4

  • Sweedestchef420

    My Facebook app is 3.5a?? And my status update thing didn’t change. Maybe cuz I’m from Canada??

    • Kelvin

      No, I’m in Canada and everything seems right. 😛