Remember that Atari-branded iPad arcade joystick peripheral we told you about yesterday? Remember how excited we were about the possibility of playing our classic arcade games on the thing, despite our lack of any real information about the device? Well, it turns out DVICE has played with the real thing, and all of a sudden, we’re not quite as excited as we were yesterday!

You see, DVICE has answered some of our burning questions, and we don’t like some of the answers…

The main question we had was whether the iPad could be used with the joystick in both portrait and landscape orientations. We assumed it could, but it turns out we were wrong.

The reason for that is the way the joystick interfaces with said iPad. The iCade, for example, uses bluetooth to communicate with the iPad, which means there are no restrictions on how the iPad is sat. The Atari unit however, works differently.

Atari has taken the decision to use the iPad’s dock connector as a means of sending information to the device, which obviously means the only orientation that’s going to work, is portrait. That’s a real shame, seeing as the joystick would have been really suited to side-scrolling shooters, for example.


We do now know the release date and price, at least:

“The Atari Arcade is scheduled to drop on October 2 at Target and then in November at Toys “R” Us and Walmart for $60. Take your pick, the iCade sells for a whopping $100. They’re both considerably expensive peripherals, but when has any decent “appcessory” made for the iPad been cheap?”

The choice between Atari’s Arcade and the iCade seems to simply come down to one thing: do you want to be able to play games in landscape, or would you rather save the $40?

We think we’d rather pay the cash and play whatever we want.

  • Revvxz

    (Children are dieing of cancer and your writing about an atari addon for the ipad..) Not only does this atari addon seem incredibly pointless, but who wants to use a joystick to play an ipad game…

    • Angelo

      Children are dieing of cancer and you are writing some pointless comment.

    • Chris

      You mean dying and wtf does that have to do with an iDevice blog you douche.

      • Revvxz

        Oh I’m sorry mr.grammar nazi. I didn’t know it mattered how I spell dying?
        It has to do with the fact its pointless, the fact is cost 60 or up just for a joystick and buttons is
        pointless, maybe next time instead of calling someone a douche you should just shut the fuck up. Douche..

      • Chris

        The fact is nobody cares whether you like it or not, fact and chatting shit about things that have nothing to do with the blog or the post just make people think you’re a tool, another fact.

    • Trackrabbit

      stfu douche. Life sucks all over. Everyone should stop what they are doing and pay attention to cancer kids? I hope your mother gets diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve.

  • Well….. (besides the “dieing children…”) Umm…

    The orientation of the iPad’s screen can be locked, so, does this joystick override the lock feature of the screen orientation?

    Also, is it intended only for Atari games?

    But, most importantly, $60 to $100 Bucks!!! WTF!!! The price alone should be a killer of this device. That is a lot of extra scratch to pony up for a joystick! Especially in this down economy!

    Well, we’ll see, but I’m sure come Dec 26th we’ll see these on the discount table at the local TJ MAX and ROSS…. LOL

    – Eric

  • kokhean

    I saw the funniest comment ever.


    I buy the Icade but unfortunately I do not know how to play pacman and space invaders … I have no ipad 2 … you have an idea to solve this problem because I can use the Atari games … thank you”

    • Revvxz


  • Steve

    Revvxz, I take it you were quoting someone in brackets?

    If so, what in the blue hell are they doing here if they’ve logged on with so much concern about the health and welfare of children? It’s called and not To whoever the original poster was: Don’t put up irrelevant text here and act surprised and offended when someone questions your perception of reality..

    Back on topic, this does seem like a poorman’s iCade for what you are expected to pay.

  • Douche

    Sign me up for 300 a month of these joysticks so I can use a new one each time a TROLL leave a comment on topics!