The ZAGGsparq 2 is without a doubt my favorite iPhone/iPad accessory while traveling, because it holds two to three times your iPhone’s charge. It’s a great travel companion that will bring your iDevice to life when running out of juice on the go.

As I noted in my ZAGGsparq review, the only downside to this accessory is its price. At $99, it’s definitely not for every budget. Today, the good news is that ZAGG is having a huge sale, offering all iDB readers 40% off the price of the Sparq…

To take advantage of this sale, click here to order the Sparq, and enter coupon code sparqit at checkout. This coupon can be used an unlimited amount of times to purchase up to 3 ZAGGsparqs per order. This deal is good until Friday, September 9th, at 6pm EST.

Get it while it lasts.

  • Foxy

    I bought the ZAGGsparq when you had your promo a couple months ago. Glad I got it. It will fully recharge an iphone maybe 2 or 3 times, which is below what they advertise. I’ve found it valuable for long distance air travel and all night campfires.

    • Glad you like it. Like I mentioned in my review of the Sparq, I also have less recharges than advertised, but it’s still pretty darn good.

  • Hey thanks for the promo code just purchased one with it, just a heads up it can’t be used with the free headphone offer. Needed one of these to keep my iPad charged up while on the go.

  • mikelite

    If you’re talking about pure battery power, nothing beats the New Trent iCruiser. Zagg has a few tweaks are nice – dual USB & wall socket built in. But you get almost double the juice of the ZAGGsparq 2 for less money.