Some interesting information came out of federal court regarding Sprint’s ongoing opposition of AT&T’s T-Mobile acquisition.

The interestingly worded portion of the court filing states that “Sprint has had to compete without access to the iPhone for nearly five years.” Now of course, we and others could be reaching here, but the wording is most definitely eyebrow raising.

What particularly makes me curious, is the use of the word had, which of course, indicates past tense. It’s widely expected that Sprint will finally even the playing field this fall when the iPhone 5 launches, and this just adds more fuel to an already smoldering fire…

The documentation goes on to emphasize that Apple “gave Verizon a time-to-market advantage for the iPhone…”

This is My Next takes a logical stance in the matter, and states that it “would only be an actual advantage if other carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile were set to get the device later on.” Hey, makes sense to us.

What do you think? Is this more concrete evidence that the iPhone is headed to big yellow, or do you think we’re reaching like a toddler for the cookie jar?

[This is My Next]

  • Mcsteven

    Had is past tense but the use of the word has, in has had, negates that. So it’s presently talking about their past. That’s all.

    • I guess I failed. It’s good popcorn material.

  • Laga Mahesa

    Indeed. Consider another context – she has had a migraine for three months.

  • Laga Mahesa

    Indeed. Consider another context, “she has had a migraine for three months.”

  • Mena

    Lol, maybe we should all stop looking so desperately for news. We all know you can write well and are capable of grammar, Jeff. Let’s keep this blog a notch above te others, let’s stop blindly reposting other sites’ questionable articles and let’s be critical. This should have been easily spotted if those goals were kept in mind.

  • MALdito

    Oh oh, I wanna try and make one too!
    Ok, ummm, lets see… Ah ha! I got one:
    “Jeff HAS HAD too much time on his hands to write conspicuous, and speculative articles based on.”
    Yes? No? (õ_ó)?….Nah, j/k Jeff, lol!

    • MrA

      Yes! Lol.
      Jeff is a big boy, he can take it.

  • Confirmed this morning iphone5 defiantly released October 21st
    I thank you 🙂

    • Meh

      Defiantly released? Or /definitely/…