Steve Jobs has his own hip-hop song…

Favorite lines include: “And try to reverse the iPhone I’m like, huh?” “It’s hard to brag when the iPad’s in your mouth.” “I’m in gray sneakers, I make features you stay eager.” “I rose on my own and made 8 billion in cream.

  • J-

    No…..that is all

  • John doe

    Wow, whats the point of being able to comment if you delete honest posts? Cant take the heat?

    • Honest comments? Certainly not from you. I’ve looked at your commenting history and only saw bitching, criticizing, and just negative words that didn’t bring anything new to the table.

      We’ve grown tired of such comments and we’re now doing a bit of cleaning. If you don’t have anything interesting to say, don’t say it. I’m not saying you can’t disagree with us. We like to encourage discussion and get different opinions, but your comments are just terribly negative, and again, bring nothing to the table.

      Until you decide to behave, your comments will directly go to the spam folder.

  • Jason Masters

    Take it from me I had to learn how to engage politely it’s hard too especially when other people usually drifters or certain badseeds keep lighting the fire.

    • BLT

      True !!!!!!!!!!!

    • I understand, but I think loyal iDB readers like you should know better and set a standard. You’ve done good. It makes iDB a better place.

      • Cameron Carlyon

        I do like these sort of things but the reason I started reading this blog was because of the tweak reviews, and I have been reading this blog for 2 years now but haven’t seen Jeff for weeks! Please I want to know the best themes to use, how to get iOS5 notifications on iOS4, best keyboard themes etc. I do love the blog but it has lost its touch. Sorry and please don’t hate me for this.

  • I love it! 🙂 this was really awesome :)

  • Jmarsh5

    Now, if we can only get Steve Jobs to do this at the next keynote, if he’s present.

  • Sierra

    R.I.P. Steve 🙁