Reading small text is difficult. Reading small text on a 3.5″ screen is insane. Sure, Safari allows for pinch to zoom, but what if you just want to magnify your text old-school style? Sadly, there’s no default provision to do so.

As always, that’s where the jailbreak community comes in. This latest tweakMagnifier for Safari — makes it really simple to dynamically boost the size of your text. Check inside for a brief demonstration of this text-size boosting tweak…

Available to all iPhone owning jailbreakers on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99, Magnifier for Safari adds an Adjust FontSize option to Safari’s share menu.

Tapping this new option enables a sliding magnification scale, which changes the text size of the web page you’re visiting on the fly.

If you’re on iOS 4 or higher, and you’re eyes are beginning to hate your habits, check out Magnifier for Safari and let us know what you think.

  • Frank

    is a cool option nonetheless, specially when going to websites with tiny fonts (there are lots believe me)

  • prplaya420


  • Eric

    Little thing called Reader in ios 5.

  • ninjaCEO

    pinch to zoom is easier.

    • You beat me to it +1 🙂

      • Dane

        Not all websites support pinch to zoom. iDownloadblog being one of them. I’m reading this article on my phone right now and you can pinch it all you want and the text won’t get any better. This is good for people who have vision problems. The iPhone screen is so tiny I know there are people who will find it useful

  • TimCook

    I thought that we had implemented this one already in Settings -> Accessability.

    • Binary-Stalker

      But this allows easy access andmore sizes.

    • Josh

      I’m pretty sure Tim Cook knows how to spell “accessibility”.

      • TrollinFiasco


      • ic0n1c


  • XepptizZ

    This is already in atomicbrowser. Safari is just an abismal browsing app as it is.

    • XepptizZ

      And best yet, you can save the fontsize for the page and all related pages of that site.