Were your heartstrings torn when HP pulled support for webOS? Do you have a dozen $99 TouchPads hoarded in your closet for a rainy day?

If any of that sounds familiar, I just might have something that’ll snap you out of your webOS deprived funk. It’s called CardSwitcher, and it’s a new jailbreak tweak that brings webOS’ card based multitasking to jailbroken iPhones…

As of this writing, I’ve experienced a few safe mode crashes while using CardSwitcher, so an update is likely needed to iron out a few of the kinks.

Besides that, I can definitely see this as being a must-have tweak for any webOS refuges who recently migrated over to iOS. There’s also MultiFl0w, which offers a similar experience.

If your iPhone is jailbroken and you’ve got $1.99 to spare, let me know what you think about it below.

  • prplaya420

    its nicer then multiflow, but i have ran into the problem then i try to press the x in card mode to delete and it puts me into safe mode

    • Imy0UrdaDDy

      I love’d MultiFl0w but stop using it cause it drains battery to quickly is this the same deal

    • SnowLeo

      Its pretty obvious the dev just ripped off rpetriach’s FREE open source proswitcher. Every aspect of it is exactly the same including the settings and this a**hole is charging $2 for it!! You just cant have open source software any more without people like this ripping your work and selling as their own. Id be fine if he had permission from rpetriach to make it compatible with the latest firmware and sell it FREE… But nope.

  • Right, it puts me into safe mode when I close all the apps. But I think it’s a fantastic app. My Home button will rest more!!!

  • Rick

    What I think is, is they should incorporate the music options that the multitask bar offers to. Like since they have extra space, maybe add a style like music bar extended where you swipe down or something and the bar could appear over the cards

    • Rick

      not literally on them, like in the empty space above or below

      • kurt

        awesome idea!

  • Imy0UrdaDDy

    I stop using MultiFl0w cause it kills battery is this the same deal.

  • Joe

    One came out right after the 6/6/11 Keynote

  • Frostii

    Anything similar for an iPad? Multi flow looks weird

  • Thanks for the review, glad you like it!

    @everyone saying it’s crashing, I found the faulty code & an update should be in Cydia within a few hours to fix it!

    Also expect iPad support within the next few days!

    • kurt

      you are awesome! I will definitely buy this once there is iPad support.

    • Jailer

      Does this work on ios5? Its really cool by the way.

  • mohgui

    looking forward to the iPad version

  • axel Macintosh

    my Battery Drain fast….

  • Frank

    I hope is better than multifl0w… multiflo0w drains battery quicker and also sometimes consumes so much ram, makes my iphone crawl

  • Andy

    Love the interface, much nicer than multifl0w. It’s just that closing the card doesn’t kill the app. It continues to show in app switcher. Multifl0w does kill most apps. So how does multifl0w actually drain more battery….never really noticed! When testing a lot of open apps together, it does crash and takes you to safe mode though. Hope an upgrade will fix this and kill the apps as well…..

  • Azee Mehr

    Cardswitcher was running quite fine before recent upgrade.
    What happens is
    when I close any of my last app running, my iphone screen gets blank (nothing visible after closing last app). To get back my springboard icons visible, i must have to lock & then unlock my iphone then every thing gets normal.
    In short words, cardswitcher dosen’t allows me to fall back to my springboard after closing all apps, untill I lock & then unlock the iphone.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.