Well, that’s another rumor quashed. Those paying attention may remember us telling you a couple of days ago how a Best Buy employee had tipped ‘This is My Next’ that the retailer was expecting a new Apple fixture to arrive in October.

The magic date was October 21st, with a member of store management required to be in-store at some un-godly hour to help facilitate the installation. This led to much excitement, with some believing that the reason behind the new ‘point of sale’ being the release of a new iPhone.

Unfortunately, it turns out that’s not the case, with the real reason being wholly underwhelming. Best Buy is getting an update for its in-store iPad display.

All together now for a resounding ‘meh’…

The bad news comes courtesy of one of MacRumors‘ sources, who says that the display mentioned in the photo above is actually an end-display used for iPad POS, meaning a routine update is most likely what will be occurring.

“We have heard from several of our Best Buy sources, however, that this is not the case. The “C2 end display” cited in the calendar listing is the location of Best Buy’s iPad display, and updates to this display are fairly routine with new promotional materials or other layout changes. We have heard that Best Buy may be planning to enlarge these “endcap” displays with this event to be able to display more iPad units.”

What this does show is how easy it is to turn something so meaningless into a full-on iDevice release rumor. People really want a new iPhone, don’t they?!

So then, where’s the next rumor going to come from?

  • Jeff

    Didn’t see that coming…. not.

  • Ha Ha!

  • Ken

    October 27, 2011 is the new iPhone release date.

    • James

      No it isn’t.

  • Joe

    Is it the right time to say, Cough cough… I TOLD YOU SO 😛 XD

  • “So then, where’s the next rumor going to come from?”

    Please, stop rumors…. This is a fine site…. and this rumors are driving me crazy XD

    Just post when apple annonunces it…or when it finally goes off xd

  • Mark

    I told you so too. Remember how I said the iPhone 5 won’t be announced before October 29(telling from the betas)

    • Me

      Why don’t you think it will come out before then? It’ll probably come out 7-10 days before whichever is the last beta. Apple won’t release it the day the beta expires and expect every dev to battle with EVERYONE ELSE to update that day or have a locked-out phone.