Ladies and gents, we’re back with the 5th episode of my favorite question and answer session. You guys have been coming up with some awesome, and sometimes, downright hilarious questions for me to tackle, and it is greatly appreciated.

In this week’s episode, I answer questions on Android, Rock App, how to troubleshooting jailbreak app issues, the iPhone 5, and so much more. You’re going to need an extra plate to hold all of this home cooking! Check inside for the full episode…

As always guys, you know the drill. If I didn’t get to your question this go ’round, don’t give up, keep asking.

I will do my best to answer as many questions as I can for next week’s episode.

In the meantime, why not share your questions below, and tell me your thoughts on this week’s agenda?

  • Selcuk

    You are awesome!

  • mmtk

    ok I assume that this is not your phone cuss that one is jailbroken! lol thanks for the good info Jeff 😉

  • Chris

    Nice Videos I’ve always wanted to know what you used for Video Editing. My question is, what do you think about The New I/O Thunderports? Do you think that it’s going to be the new standard for Macs and what’s the difference between Firewire 800 & 400. I always though that the higher the # the quicker the data transfer was.


    Jeff wat are some of ure best cydia tweaks ?!!

  • Jeff’s#1Fan

    Jeff, if you had the iPhone five and had the ability to jailbreak it but only use one tweak/theme/app/other, what would you choose to use and why?

  • James_L

    hey Jeff, your videos are really awesome, i got some problem on my Cydia, it says sub-process/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code(1) i searched online about this question, and tried to delete all the bad sources, but it didn’t really work, do you have any ideas?

  • Alex

    Ask Jeff: When are you goin to review new themes 🙂 I’m bored my of my themes haha

    • ic0n1c

      yeah jeff please do a review of new themes and which ones u would prefer…

    • Navs08

      Yes I want new ones too!

  • kokhean

    Jeff, what do you feel about telcos charging people to unlock their devices which customers already own?

  • XepptizZ

    Jeff, jeff, jeff! What thme is that for your sbsettings?

    • Navs08

      Bold Retina,he mentioned it in one of his earlier videos,you can search for it in Cydia,its free!

  • Guthrie

    IPad video next??

  • Frank

    awesome video keep it up!!

  • MySterY

    Hey Jeff, what the best app to control expenses and budget

  • Vicky

    Please please please keep a Text Version of your episode, so that people who prefer txt rather than only video…

  • David

    Jeff do you know of any tweaks that get rid off the spotlight shadow/background dimming, you when your sliding into spotlight and it starts to dim, thanks.

  • Dennis

    Hi Jeff!

    When joining apps into the same folder they totaly dissapear. Where several apps should pop up, none is. Bang, gone, no apps at all if i try and join them into the same folder. And i can`t reach them in any way after that. Drives me crazy. Please help if you got the solution.

    Oh, it`s Jailbreaked of course 🙂