Are you a TomTom iPhone app user? Ever wish that your little 3.5″ screen was just a bit bigger for GPS navigation? Perhaps, I don’t know, say.. 9.7″ big for example? Oh, you have? Then you’re in luck, as the sat nav company has announced that it will be bringing its popular iPhone app to the iPad – and it won’t cost existing owners a penny.

Slated for release this Fall, the app will be a free upgrade to the existing iPhone app, turning it into a fully-fledged universal app…

So, what do all those extra inches get you?

According to the guys at Pocket-Lint, who were lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the app, the extra real-estate afforded by that huge screen will mean we no longer have to switch between screens for information, and the app itself can display more navigational data simultaneously, which is always a good thing!

“What you benefit from on the iPad is the superb size and sensitivity of the touchscreen, the like of which satnavs have been failing to ape for years. What that real estate now means is that there’s space to split the screen with window views within. Practically speaking, that means that you don’t have to surf the menus and experience the advanced lane guidance view as a screen switch but instead at the very same time along side the route map.”

The issue now appears to be a severe lack of any TomTom branded iPad dock for your car. Hoisting that great big lump of aluminium and glass into the air is no easy job, and you’ll be wanting a sturdy contraption if you’re going to trust it with your pride and joy. While there are third-party solutions out there, we’d feel more confident if TomTom had one they could offer up. Until then, we’re not sure we’re brave enough to risk it.

As with all iPad navigation software, you’ll need a 3G iPad, as the WiFi-only models do not support GPS. Bummer.

  • James

    The iPhone screen size is perfect for a sat nav, dedicated sat navs aren’t much different in size tbh and a phone holder for an iPhone is much more feasable than sticking an iPad to the windscreen. The TomTom app though is perfect, turning an iPhone into a proper sat nav that works perfectly saved me £100 +.

  • numbnuts

    absolutely useless. just used the app on an iphone for a trip through France and Italy. without a clear view of the sky through the windshield tracking is sporadic and highly confusing. how to mount an iPad for accurate navigation seems an impossibility.

    • Spencer

      I have the TomTom car kit for the iPhone and it works brilliantly. I got rid of my in car sat nav some two years ago and have never looked back. The car kit is more than just a holder, there is a gps receiver built in which
      vastly improves the iPhone gps signal. Not sure if I would use my iPad in the car but if its a free download for existing users then never say never

    • Chico

      I’m guessing you have an iPhone 3G

      TomTom works just perfect

    • soccerkrzy

      It’s worked great on my old 3Gs and on my current 4…

  • Diyab

    How come does the iPad 2 doesnt have a GPS in it? How can it locate your location in Map app then? I dont get it? Well i actually tried my Tom Tom iphone app on the iPad 2 Wi-Fi and it worked fine the first time.. but later on it didnt, why?

    • Chico

      The iPad wifi (only) doesn’t have GPS built in
      The iPad wifi + 3G has GPS built in

      Simple as that

  • ben

    supposedly if you are tethered to your iphone gps works but ive not tried it.

    also IIRC the people behind the first ever turn by turn for iphone XGPS have a jailbroken project which allows you to use a bluetooth gps dongle, not sure if its still developed though

  • v00v

    lol imagine if we put it on the front window of a mini cooper