If there’s one thing I dislike about the iPhone’s alarm clock, it’s the inability to completely disable the alarm from the lock screen.

Sure, you can snooze it, but a few minutes later, there it goes blaring again.

With SnoozeOrStop, you can completely stop the alarm clock right from the convenience of your lock screen. Take a peek inside for the full video walkthrough…

Seeing as the iPhone acts as my primary means of morning torture, SnoozeOrStop is an awesome jailbreak tweak that evens the playing field.

I highly recommend this lightweight jailbreak tweak for all iPhone alarm clock users. If you’re jailbroken, you can head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download it for free.

Are you planning on giving it a go?

  • TheHero

    Isn’t already there the option to slide to shut the alarm off? Even in the lock screen.

    • derkrisz

      There is, but that unlocks the phone.

  • yordum

    slide to stop alarm, press top button to re-lock

    • Aaron

      DERP. This tweak is for noobs.

  • Frank

    damn useful! I hate to be unlocking the iphone and use it for about 9 minutes to actually be able to cancel the snooze

  • MrA

    “Seeing as the iPhone acts as my primary means of morning torture,”

    Lol. I hear ya on that one Jeff, morning torture!

  • But then I’ll have to make an effort to open my eyes to know whether or not to get up or “snooze.” lol.

  • Vlad He

    This is already on iOS 5, we have the option to hit the red Snooze button or “Just slide” whithout the need to put our passcode to unlock. YES JUST SLIDE and the alarm will Turn off.

  • Shannon

    Does this work with only the stock clock app, or will it work with third party alarm clock apps as well?

  • IndiePhoenix

    What I’d like to see is a tweak that could alter the snooze frequency. 9 minutes it’s too much for me.

    • TheHero


    • Shannon

      I use iHome + Sleep and you can set however long you want for snooze, plus you can wake up to the radio (if you download iHome + Radio). Works well for me.

  • Jess

    Lol you can stop it by sliding it the unlock thing… 😛

  • Ash

    Thanks Jeff. Really useful tweak.

  • anon

    like what the first reply said, u can in fact turn off alarm.

    either one of 2 ways:
    -press sleep button.
    -slide to unlock.

    make sure snooze is “off” in ur alarm setting.

  • Daniel

    I’d really appreciate this one. I have to enter in a pin number each time (work security reasons) so I have to spend a few precious seconds sliding to unlock and then entering in my password before I can turn it off before my wife wakes up.

  • @P4ul_K

    This will be a decent tweak for people who use Android Lock. I have to concentrate whilst the alarm is still running and enter my pattern. Didn’t know pushing the phone’s sleep button also stopped the alarm tho, every day’s a school day!

  • Cool App. Thanks for introducing it.