Poor Samsung just can’t catch a break, can it? With the ongoing legal wrangle between the Korean company and the masterminds in Cupertino, Samsung has found itself having to remove its products from sale across the globe, as well as postponing the release of new ones.

As if to really compound matters, Samsung’s recently announced that its Galaxy Tab 7.7 slate has now been removed from the IFA show currently taking place in Germany. While Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed the reason behind the removal of its latest and greatest from display, it’s a fairly safe assumption that it has something to do with Apple. And the courts…

Photographs posted by Slashgear show the extent to which Samsung has gone to remove all trace of its new tablet. Drapes cover advertising material, and demo units have been replaced with other new, recently announced devices.

A spokesperson for Samsung was suitably coy about the whole thing, refusing to confirm that the Apple battle was directly responsible for the move, and was apparently very clear that Samsung took the decision to remove the Tab 7.7 from display voluntarily. No court orders here, folks!

”Samsung has removed the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from our stand at IFA,” Samsung Europe spokesperson Brendon Gore told SlashGear. “We cannot make any further comment as we have not received an official statement from the court.”

Apple and Samsung have been locked in a fierce legal battle since August, when the Cupertino lawyers somehow managed to stop Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 iPad competitor in Europe – a move that, unsurprisingly, Samsung were none-too-happy about.

Where this leaves the situation moving forward, we just don’t know. But the prospect of two giants going toe-to-toe in the courts can only be a bad thing for consumers. If you wanted to buy one of Samsung’s new Android-powered tablets in Europe, it looks like importing from the United States may be your best bet for now.

Why can’t we all just get along?

  • XepptizZ

    Competition is the only way a company can be motivated to move forward, so yeah, a bit of a shame. Then again, samsung wasn’t doing much in the innovating department. Microsoft atleast understands this.

    • Jon Garrett

      you’re total idiot. Samsung parts make up about 60% of all of apple’s devices. if Samsung decided to stop doing business (and loose billions) what would apple do then? find another supplier? they would need to find dozens to do to the things that Samsung does, not to mention not being able to produce any products for months if not a year or more and loose billions of dollars in the meantime.

      or maybe Sony should pull its entire music collection from iTunes

      or perhaps Microsoft shouldn’t have bailed out a failing company to begin with and we wouldnt be having this discussion.

      • James

        You’re the idiot, since when did Samsung manufacturing parts for another company pass as being innovative, he was referring to handsets and how virtually every aspect of Samsung phones is a rip off of Apple handsets .. As for the supplier bullshit, like Samsung are the only supplier of parts and where is this mythical 60% figure from, you just pluck that randomly out of the air ??

        Don’t be so naive to think that Apple would not survive without Samsung, ever heard of LG, Toshiba or Sharp.

        Why is this blog full of immature people who feel the need to insult others because they don’t agree with a comment, grow up, maybe 1 day you’ll be able to have a discussion with somebody without acting like a 15 year old, who knows, maybe that’s how old you are.

      • kurt

        jon is right…apple is NOT innovative. let’s look at closing an app that is open. Step 1- hit home button to minamize the app. Step 2-hit that home button two more times. Step 3-hold down the app icon you want to close for 2 seconds or till it begins to wiggle. Step 4-click the x to close the button. Step 5-tap the home button to return to spring board.

        apple’s “innovative” solution to multi-tasking just plans sucks.

        webOS is better…two steps…Step 1, slide your finger up from the bezel. it will minimize the app and put it into card view. Step 2, flick the card (app) up-now its closed. you are done.

        since 2007, iOS hasn’t changed its look…btw, when are we going to get moving backgrounds? other OSes have had it for years. I’m thankful that apple has finally copied Android’s notification system…iOS has its days numbered. and i for one. can’t wait for another system to take over.


      your a dickhead and JON is 100% right.
      samsung keeps apple on its feet you need hardware before you can use your software. if they stop using samsung going forward they will need LG or Sony or Microsoft or someone else. you see my ignorant friend. apple does not make hardware they put pieces together thats all.


        BTW I MENT (XepptizZ) not kurt 🙂

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        maybe you meant i’m 99% right…am i right or am i right?

  • Equalizer

    Well, in my humble opinion one the things that has apple pissed off about samsung improving apple’s designs is that samsung is korean and apple is savoring a sample of what american companies have been doing to the rest of the world for decades: taking something thats already there and making it better.

    Think about it, why has apple pushed back the iphone refresh? Because the galaxy s 2 was already coming out with a lot more and better features than the iphone5, so they just couldnt release a subpar product, and not to a korean company of course

    And why is apple so pissed of about this? Because they now cant hold back on features that are already available to use them on a future refresh

    Take the ipad2 for example, great product but thr cameras suck major ass, the camera on the original iphone was better, or retina display (which is available) not being a feature, but now bacause the ipad refresh is still months away they just cant let the galaxy tab in the market which is a better product with all the features the ipad is missing

    In the end the fact that samsung exists is better for the consumers because it will force apple to release their products with up to date features

  • anon

    I was playing with a Samsung Galaxy tab the other day, not one thing about it reminded me of my iPad. It took a few minutes to get used to and I still prefer the iPad. I would also prefer that Apple stop being dicks. this is douchebaggery at its worst. Apple is threatened by Samsung’s recent success and now the consumer has to pay.

  • JoBerlin

    I do understand Apple that they are pretty pissed off by the market success of the first Samsung Galaxy because that device looked like an iPhone 3GS rip-off. But instead of bringing innovations they act like sissies now.
    On the other hand they are trying to make an example of not tolerating copy cats to protect their design.
    In my opinion neither company did the right thing.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      with all fairness….look at the iphone. especially iphone 4, then look at the LG Prada phone which was released months before apple revealed the iphone. apple clearly copied the LG Prada phone. why doesn’t LG sue. they have a case

  • galo

    its the old “you built it first, I built it better” deal, this is just sour grapes from apple, and yes, perhaps samsung wasnt right to copycat apple, but like a post above said, the consumers will be benefited from this, this will bring lower prices, really good features on products and an overall competition, and more manufacturers to come aout with apple and samsung quality type products

    hell, even apple fan boys like seb and company will be happy with the features that samsung’s galaxy s 2 forced apple to include on the next gen iphone

    i do remember apple saying that iphone 5 or 4s (whatever) would not be 4G compatible, i bet an arm and a leg that apple will include this feature now, so yes, consumers are already benefiting from all this debacle

    also, i am extremely sure that apple will never ever again release an ipad with such bad cameras or old display tech, they just cant afford it (dont count fanboys, if apple started selling apple-branded human feces, they’d happily eat it and ask for seconds) with the competition having also a product on the same qualtity level but with better features

  • Concerned Citizen

    As far as I can understand it, the battle here is about patent infringement. This is not about a supplier-consumer issue. Apple applied for patent to protect their design. Whoever, whatever, however and wherever they find their supplies to assemble/make/produce that patented product, the point is they own the patent. It should be protected by laws applicable. In this case, Samsung has been allegedly accused for copying Apple’s design and has been brought up to court.

    In my humble opinion, Apple is just right. Claimers that some of their patents were infringed may file case against the accused however, maybe the move is no big deal. With Apple, sustainability is most important and having been in the limelight of smartphone manufacturing, Apple stands out and will continue to stand out.

    Personally, Samsung Galaxy S 2 performs better compare to iPhone 4 in some aspects. But knowing that it runs android, which is present to a wider market of smartphones, then vulnerability is questionable. I am not saying iOS is not though, but just think of Macintosh – Windows analogy, it will explain everything.