The concept of attaching a file to a file to an email is practically as old as email itself. With the iPhone, you can attach photos and videos to your email, but that’s pretty much where the fun ends.

This works fine for stock iOS installations where access to the native file system is restricted. For jailbroken iPhones, however, it’s a definite limitation; hence the need for a jailbreak tweak like AnyAttach.

AnyAttach is a tweak that allows you to attach any file present on iOS’s file system, directly to your outgoing email…

If you’re an avid user of the iPhone’s file system, you’ll no doubt appreciate what AnyAttach has to offer. Uninhibited access to attach any file to your email is quite the liberating feeling.

What’s even better, is that AnyAttach retains the ability to stick to the simplified photos and videos view. So, if you don’t feel like digging through iOS’s file structure, you don’t have to.

For those of you who use iFile and like the freedom that root access nets you, AnyAttach is a breath of fresh air to Apple’s staling methodology for managing email attachments.

If you’re interested, you can give it a try for $1.99 on Cydia. Be sure to let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Brian

    This is absolutely useful

  • Djttothee

    Very useful ubut I have been able to do this for ages – Dan

    • Frank

      oh really genius? how?

    • NonBeliever

      Yeah, just HOW do you accomplish this Djttothee?

    • rob

      Well, this method seems much more direct, but if you have iFile and Goodreader, you can get any type of file into Mobile Mail. it just takes a few more steps.

    • Jon Garrett

      for all you dummies asking how….easy, with Android.

      • 1

        ^ Your reply is just as pointless as saying “oh easy, just use PC”

  • I’ve been using ifile to do this for ages.

  • Just open ifile—>>find file to attach—->> hit edit—–>>checkmark the file—->>>hit the email icon at bottom of the screen—->>done

    • James Bardo

      Ja- all u oaks tuning send mannually from ifile get lost- you’re composing an email- a / several new thoughts spring to mind that u feel useful to share with the intended recipient- some movies, others- photos, maybe just a snap shot front/back of the happenings of that moment you’re writing up the email. So u tune:”cancel save to draft, sift through potentially hiroglyphic hieraechy of files to source the file, each ‘edit + email’ activity opening up a NEW email when from different files in ifile- then to still ‘copy paste’ your original words in the first email (draft) and somehow ‘put them altogether’ – your’re trying to show off the little ‘false “guru” u think u r: and u fall short. Tell me u type up a non-saved mobile terminal instruction for this as i have been doing ‘duh…since ‘nam” and ill be like go and learn assembly, this app [anyattach] still %*# useful! Bitches!!

  • MrA

    Can you attach apps?

    • Apps consist of multiple files and folders so I’m not to sure how well that would work, also you have to remember that the bigger the file the longer it will take to send.

      • Ben

        I think Mr A is talking about single ipa files rather than the Application directory. I’m not sure you can with AnyAttach as I don’t have it but I’ve tried it Filemail and you can attach ipa’s as long it’s not too big as it will flag up an error saying the file size is too big.

  • Ben

    I found a similar app for free on the insanelyi repo called ‘FileMail’.

    I couldn’t find it on the BigBoss repo for some reason so I assume it’s a legit app.

  • Ling

    Great app : )

  • I can’t believe Apple aren’t yet serious about this sort of stuff. Thanks again JB community!

    • rob

      Apple is serious about this. They’re serious about keeping things dead simple by not allowing access to the filesystem and restricting attachments to files that are created only by purchased apps. This works for 99.9% of users, and is one of the secrets to their success. It’s just nerds like us who need a workaround.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the shout out about FileMail Ben!

    • Ben

      Your Welcome.

      Like I mentioned for some reason it’s not on bigboss. Maybe it wasn’t submitted officially or it’s in beta stages etc. It is available on 2 repos I found. One is on insanelyi and the other is on ihacks repo.

  • Steve

    Hmmm, it’s not showing up under the Bigboss repo.. any ideas?

  • must try this app

  • sam

    why I cant find this tweak inside the cydia? Help me

  • Sameh Tolba

    Hello, is it ava for IOS7?