When Apple introduced the iPad 2, the Smart Cover also debuted as a new accessory for the device. Apple designed the iPad 2 with magnets that interface with the Smart Cover to wake the device from sleep when opened.

The iPhone’s virtual keyboard is a fantastic replacement for a physical keyboard, but some consider the lack of physical buttons to be the iPhone’s main downfall. A genius new concept takes the Smart Cover approach to offering a detachable physical keyboard for the iPhone…

Highlighted by Mobiflip, the SmartKeyboard concept, by Jing Yang, illustrates a tactical keyboard that can be removed and attached to the iPhone like the iPad’s Smart Cover. Instead of a slide out keyboard solution, the SmartKeyboard could be easily taken off the iPhone when not in use. This would give those that need a physical keyboard for typing longer emails or documents a temporary attachment.

This concept is sleek, beautiful, and totally Apple-like. The keyboard even has backlit keys. The SmartKeyboard would simple attach to the bottom of the iPhone with magnets. The only downside is that the keyboard would cover the home button when in use. But if you’re using the SmartKeyboard to type for longer periods of time, switching in and out of apps isn’t really that big of a deal.

Dear Apple, please introduce this with the iPhone 5!

  • Jasper

    I think this is a very good idea.

  • Viral

    For some apps, you can flip the iPhone 180 degrees and then have the home button at the top so its not blocked by the keyboard, which would be placed on the earpiece.

  • Michael

    Nice start to the video, spelling “thinnest” wrong.

  • Alex

    i would buy this.

  • OCD Steve Jobs

    my wife just asked…’so, how do you type numbers?’ haha

    • Alex

      well um yeah i guess you just don’t. who cares about numbers any ways?

    • Justin

      Number problem solved…
      One, Two, Three, etc.
      Just plan for a lot more time being used up for things like phone numbers.
      One eight zero zero six nine four seven four six six three.
      Wow, I’m glad numbers were invented.

    • Mac

      shift numbers will be under letters

  • raed

    Silly as usual … I prefer android over the open source than the bloody locked apple … Cheers google

  • Saleh

    but u wont be able to type numbers or symbols
    and u need another keyboard if u use 2 or more languages

  • JC

    What about numbers and commas and all that jazz! ;D
    Everytime you have to place a @ or a ” or a / or a & ou a + you’ll have to remove the keyboard! Cute idea but not at all practical

  • almarar

    Bad idea
    Only for stand

  • Josh

    All great, but one thing. Does it HAVE to be blue?

  • josh

    did you not watch the whole video? it shows like 7 colors at the end.

  • Josh

    Now I did! Sorry about that. Not my favorite colors though.. And how is that “hardware” going to support landscape mode?

  • Kyle

    While I agree that a non-changing screen is a silly idea, this concept does have some potential.

    There’s a gorgeous screen sitting under that physical keyboard… Why not use it? It would make a whole lot more sense to have some sort of transparent, capacitive, and /tactile/ keyboard that could be integrated into iOS like the video! That way, keyboards can “change” for context without changing physically.

    If you are having difficulty picturing this, just scroll up to that initial picture and imagine that every grey key is transparent. The blue (or color of choice) would be solid, creating contrast between the (naturally) lit keys.

    This concept has a lot of potential.. While I’ve never been bugged by iOS virtual keyboards, I guess I can understand the frustration.

    What do you think about the transparent keys idea!

    — KAN 😀

    • jmgfnhmg

      wont work on the bottom row because the home button and black part will be in the way.

  • Gerald Shields

    It’s nice if you’re one of those folks who like to touch physical keys, but otherwise it’s redundant.

  • jmgfnhmg

    It would be better if it had a fifth row with numbers that you can open and close just like the other sections.

  • Mike

    I like this idea.

    Have you seen the iPhone slider keyboard? This is already available. It is effectively an iPhone case with a thin keyboard that slides out. Search for slider keyboard on eBay. I would be interested to know what other people think about the slider keyboard and whether anyone has used it.

  • Matt

    Couldnt they just make the keyoard transparent so that even if you do change to numbers and such you could still use it

  • Matt

    Couldnt they just make the keyoard transparent so that even if you do change to numbers and such you could still use it?

  • Steve

    Is it just me or is that making it a Blackberry wanna-be?? 😉

  • bc

    How is this “totally Apple-like”? It’s the exact opposite. They will never use a physical keyboard and that’s the way it should be. The virtual keyboard works just fine. And how ironic is it that a video about a keyboard is full of spelling errors. Too funny.

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    What about using the stock keyboard.