So as usual, I’m a little behind on this last month’s What’s On My iDevice, but hopefully the wait was worth it.

You guys and gals know how I like to switch it up, and the August edition is no exception. Instead of focusing on jailbreak apps or tweaks, I give you a rundown of 5 essential App Store Apps that should be on every iPhone owner’s Home screen.

Inside, you’ll find an app that’s great for security, the absolute best iPhone Twitter client, a wonderfully designed “diary” app, and one of my absolute favorite iOS games of all time…

Here is a rundown of all of the apps I covered in this month’s edition:

If you don’t try anything else out of this list, at least try Match Panic. It’s great, I don’t think you’ll regret it. What’s your favorite app out of the bunch?

  • Michael

    This is just my opinion and I mean no disrespect Jeff but my word, you have some pure snooooze apps on your phone lol, some are pure pointless and others make me think you are about 60 years old lol

    • Hah! I’m not a huge app guy. I’ve purchased tons of Apps, but I use my iPhone mainly for work (blogging) more than anything. Sorry!

      • Michael

        Lol no worries dude, each to there own, we can’t all have the same taste .. Like I said, no disrespect meant.

  • prplaya420

    damn damn he put you out jeff. what u goona do ?

  • Kelington

    I picked up DayOne after watching your video. Very nice app. I’ve always kinda wished I had kept a journal of some sort and I realized it’s never too late. Thanks!

    • Yes, it is excellent. It’ll be nice to look back at it a year from now, and see how your life has changed.

  • Vlad

    nice video! I do not know if you did one or not, but a video about cases or accessories would be great !

    • I have a few accessory videos. Check out our YouTube channel, and you’ll see them.

  • Djttothee

    Where is the up to date apps? Not the old ones

  • Rofl. Jeff is funny playing that game. Now I have to get it.

  • Fred

    Thanks to you i discovered Day One! Muchos gracias amigo!

  • Hello Jeff! Great video! 😀 And you such like the kindest guys ever, really. You seem like the kind of person you’d want to become friends with.

  • MDS

    Jeff, I’ve fallen in love with you today, can i record that in dayone?

  • Just some feedback. You might want to add how much each App costs with your next video.