Remember that alleged next gen iPhone 5 icon we showed you in the Photo Stream beta yesterday? It was an interesting find because it was designed by Apple internally, and it looked to be a slightly redesigned iPhone with features that match rumors we’ve been hearing about the iPhone 5.

9to5Mac has put together a comparison of the blown up iPhone ‘5’ icon and the iPhone 4. You’ll notice a slightly smaller screen and a redesigned home button…

While it is worth noting that this render is just a blown up imagining of the small icon that was spotted yesterday, it does say some interesting things about what the iPhone 5 will potentially look like. (Apple doesn’t put icons like this one into its products for no reason. If so, this would be one very, very sloppy move.)

First off, rumors have been saying that the next flagship iPhone will feature an edge-to-edge screen, redesigned home button (with possibile multitouch gestures), a tapered back, and a 3.7 inch screen. 9to5’s render fits the bill.

If the iPhone 5 ends up being a bigger device, it could potentially stack up like this:

You have to love the iPhone 5 fever.

  • Pete


    • +1

      This kind of “mistake” could only be equaled to leaving your prototype in a Bar for the 2nd time……..

      – Eric

      • Jon Garrett

        news of the iPhone 5 pales in comparison to all the hot new Android devices previewed at IFA Berlin today.

      • +2 (to counter Jon Garrett’s -1)

  • I cant wait yet to see the new iPhone 5. They says that in Mexico come in the third week of september….

    But i love this MockUp. I hope that the final MockUp show like this


  • Max

    This is like the ultimate iPhone 5 rumor. The fact that is was designed by Apple means that it comes from the most real source possible. Remember when the iPhone 4 white icon showed up in a build of itunes awhile back? I’m convinced that this is going to be pretty close to what the iPhone 5 will look like because if all we are getting is a 4g(S) after waiting this long… i’m going to be upset.

  • Jules

    I’ve been impatiently waiting for the iPhone 5 for so long, but yesterday I came across THREE websites that required flash. I LOVE the iPhone, but this no-flash deal is really making me feel like an idiot fanboy. Maybe i shouldn’t love the iPhone as much as I do. I hate it when I have to go “damn it, I’ll check the website on my laptop when I get home.” I shouldn’t need my laptop just to access a stupid website! I might end up not buyinh the iPhone 5 after all…

    Do you guys think there’s a chance for the iPhone 5 to support flash?

    • Yes, I believe there are only 2 possibilities of Apple supporting FLASH…..

      1) Hell freeeeeeeezzzzzzssss OVER!


      2) Apple takes some of their $75 Billion in “pocket change” and buys Adobe and finally gets this STUPID feud over!

      – Eric

      • I believe Steve jobs and apple already have a thumb or 2 in adobe
        So what’s the problem with using it surely html5 and flash could work together better on apples products

      • to Twited21….

        I believe the answer to your question is “Quicktime” – its a very old feud!!!!

        Anyone else know?

      • Ehsan

        Loved te second one 😀

  • MrA

    iDB. Change the comment system. I know you say disqus creates more work to moderate/remove comments, but it seems to work for the big blogs/site (thisismynext, engadget, etc…) people will volunteer to be mods. It’s so frustrating to try and have a discussion with fellow iDBers when every other comment “fails to be published”. New comment system needs to be priority one. This comment system needs to be dead, gone, and buried.

    /end rant

  • Bill

    Looks good but for me to have such a device without 4g means I will either stick with iPhone4 or get the latest Android, with emphasis upon the latter.

  • Rob Matthews

    That would be a great looking iPhone.

  • Kelvin

    I just don’t understand why Apple would make another device with a different screen size/resolution (=harder for app devs).

    IMO, 3.5″ is enough.

    • Michael

      +1, i’m not fussed for a bigger screen, bigger screen will mean bigger device and that’s a step backwards imo, it’s called a mobile phone for a reason, if you need a bigger screen for games and browsing the net then buy an iPad .. There are plenty of features Android devices have that i’d like to see on an iPhone and a bigger screen certainly isn’t 1 of them.

      • Kelvin

        Exactly. 🙂

      • Chris

        So to advance apple needs to make the screen smaller?

  • Djttothee

    Cool, can’t wait hope it is, but I hope there is not a big waiting list for them in the uk, I want mine on contract so I hope not!!!!!

  • MALdito

    Who said that it was a definite image of the next gen iphone 5? For all we know this could just be the next gen ipod touch. Did anyone even bother to think about that?

    – NOT Eric

    • LOL…. Good point….

      in the screenshot it does say: “Take a photo with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch”

      – Eric (NOT Maldito)

      • MALdito

        Oh (oops) (¬_¬)… Uh… Heeeeey… Eric (^_^), nah j/k LMAO! Seriously though—> Yeah, I was wondering if someone else would notice that it said that! Good to know its was you! LoL!

        -MALdito…thats it, just me lol

  • Binary-Wave

    Flash is a dying platform.

    HTML5 is invading now, deal with it for a bit.

  • plazma_009

    personally, i think Apple needs to stop focusing on smaller and thinner. Id rather have an iphone at its current size thats lighter and just filled with more features

  • MattaNZ

    Am I the only 1 that wants a bigger screen ??? go edge-to-edge and shrink the home button,etc so the device doesn’t have to physically that much bigger – comparing the iphone4 to the current crop of androids the iphone screen is tiny – browsing is better on a larger screen – and yes I do like to browse from my phone

    • Louie

      No way your not buy yourself on this one! I too agree bigger a screen would be awesome, and dare I say smart lol They wouldn’t have to make the phone bigger, just use the front existing face but use the space beter or wiser making viewing, using your phone experience much better… As for devs it can’t be that hard to modify their apps, but then again I have no idea?!

  • [IMG][/IMG]

  • Fras

    This iPhone 5 rumors are getting more and more shitty

  • Anon

    Enough with the fucken iPhone 5 rumors.

  • TrollinFiasco

    In my opinion, the IPhone 5 has been undercover for far too long. The rumours have been very entertaining and give us more insight. I’m just waiting to get my hands on one on release..Apple needs to step up and release the new iOS and its companion phone before it’s fans become agitated.

  • KingKoppa

    The size of the screen looks perfect! I like how the home button is designed as well. I’d definitely get one if the end design looks exactly like that.

  • amer ela7zan mustafa ghorab

    i want to khnow the pres of any iphone