Sprint has increased its early termination fee from $200 to $350, bringing it in line with both AT&T and Verizon. The new fee only applies to ‘advanced devices’ which, we assume, means smartphones and tablets.

According to an article on CNET, the fee will be prorated for now, depending on how long you have left on your current contract, which kind of makes sense. And that’s the reason we’re surprised Sprint is making this move…

This leaves T-Mobile as the only carrier sticking with its $200 ETF, though that will presumably change when, or should that be “if” the AT&T merger goes through.

Speculation as to the reason for the change is widespread, with a logical assumption being that Sprint is getting ready to launch a major new device on its network – a device which could see many current customers wishing to upgrade. Could that device be an iPhone, with an announcement perhaps in October?

Sprint does already have plenty of hot Android devices up its sleeve, with the Samsung Epic Touch 4G being the hottest of the bunch. Having just been announced yesterday, Sprint will be hoping the Epic Touch 4G will be a hit. And if the carrier isn’t going to get the next iPhone, they’ll be relying on the next wave of Android handsets to hold their own.

Sprint’s new early termination fee comes into effect on September 9th, so if you’re wanting out of your current contract, now might be the time to do it!

  • Dear Sprint,

    Way to stay “competitive” …….. (looooooooosers!) FAIL

    – Eric

  • ic0edx

    That’s so sad, now that’s called taking candy from a child.

  • jaredfloyd15@yahoo.com

    Well obviously sprint Hates having business

  • Mr.G

    Everyone likes to get their phones cheap or free, if Sprint is subsidizing the cost to the consumer they have to protect their investment. If an unlocked iPhone is $650 but you can buy it for $199, they carrier is giving you that discount. Apple is still collecting it’s full price from the carrier. If Sprint stayed at $200 then you could get buy your phone @ $199 and then cancel for $200 and have a $650 phone for $399. You can’t blame Sprint for protecting it’s interests. The only way I see us not having early termination fees is if the carriers stop subsidizing phones and get rid of contracts. We’ll pay a lot more for our phones but then we could jump ship at any time. Now if the phone could work on any network that would be a game changer, and they would have to all stay competitively priced.

    • Thanks Dan Hess for your obvious commentary, but it still doesn’t reduce the “SUCK” factor of SPRINT. FAIL

  • Oh… Nicely played, Sprint. -.- I have my iPhone with them and got my iPhone about 7 months ago. I want the newer iPhone because Sprint’s 3G is terrible, and if it supports their 4G that’d be much better.. I hate contract phones, with a passion.