It seems the trend of discounted tablets isn’t over yet. Word on the street is that HP is gearing up for another production run of its TouchPad slate, and even Amazon sounds like it wants to get in on the action.

But if the obsolete tablet or the rumored beefed-up Kindle haven’t peaked your interest, you might be happy to hear that Apple’s online store is now offering refurbished iPad 2s at a decent discount…

The Cupertino company is knocking $50 off of its latest tablet, as long as you don’t mind that it’s refurbished. Ok, so the deal isn’t as appetizing as Apple’s previous offering of $100 off its original iPad. But hey, a sale is a sale.

To reiterate, Apple’s remanufactured products are head and shoulders above the competition. The tablets receive a new back, battery, and they come with the same one year warranty that new ones do.

As usual, refurbished products are subject to limited quantities and frequent stock changes. As of this writing, refurbished iPad 2s are available in both black and white, and in several GB/carrier combinations. Deal, or no deal?


  • bc

    No deal. This would PIQUE my interest if they had a 16 or 32gb option with no carrier.

  • matt

    $50 off for a refurbished device?!! Might as well pay the extra $50 for brand new one seen as though you’re paying enough for it anyway…

  • Jamie

    Greedy bastard Apple, second hand for $50 less, what a joke .. Roll on the $300 Android device.

  • lol $50 off is a joke.. they dont have to offere amy discount that how hot ipad 2 is

    • Jamie

      Don’t be retarded, go right ahead and pay that price for a second hand, repaired device if you want .. Your response is typical of a fanboy but paying only $50 less than a brand new device for a second hand 1 stupid.

  • You all fail to realise that it doesn’t matter, the ipad 3 will be out this fall. So why bother with that tablet? Nkt to mention, the iPad 2 is the worst thing to come from apple yet. Hopefully they will redeem themselves this fall….