Apple released iOS 5 Beta 7 to developers this afternoon, and the good news is that the latest beta can already be jailbroken with RedSn0w. Actually, the RedSn0w beta that was released for iOS 5 Beta 6 will also jailbreak Beta 7.

MuscleNerd dropped the news on Twitter:

“Today’s iOS5b7 can be JB with last night’s redsn0w b7,  but point it at b6 IPSW”

You can find RedSn0w Beta 7 in our downloads section. To jailbreak with RedSn0w, refer to our tutorial. Make sure you point RedSn0w to the Beta 6 IPSW to jailbreak iOS 5 Beta 7. The jailbreak is still tethered.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. And let us know what you find in iOS 5 Beta 7!

  • anthonyappleguy

    Why does sbsettings run in 1/4 of the screen?

    • Theocho8a

      because it uses activator, wich isn’t compatible with ios5, same thing happened to me, made all my apps run like that

      • heathen711

        just switch to safe mode then restart the springboard and you’re fine

    • Theocho8a

      I gues that may work, just didn’t for me

  • rdqronos

    Why does the general population need a jailbreak for a beta firmware? Seriously, the jailbreak is for Cydia App devs. I use a jailbreak (just without Cydia) to activate my phone on iOS 5…

    • Binary-Wave

      Because some people here are jailbreak developers.

      The general public was clearly told that they should not use this if they don’t want to take a risk. They don’t have to follow it, but.

  • Djttothee

    Is there a new boot rom jailbreak for the iPad 2?

  • somewone

    can you downgrade to at least 4.3.5 with no problems for iOS 5 ?