Every so often a story comes along that requires a second read. This story took three or four.

If we’re fully understanding this, and we fear we might be, the council of one UK town is set to spend £9000 ($14,680) on iPads. iPads for what you ask?

iPads for garbage trucks. Yeah, really…

The town in question is Bury, in the North of England, and it’s not the wealthiest council in the country. In fact, they’ve been told they need to make £18 million worth of spending cuts, which obviously makes this harebrained iPad scheme a little controversial. Which is weird, considering they’re going to be put to such good use. Oh, wait.

According to an article in that bastien of journalism, The Sun, the aforementioned iPads will find themselves bolted to the inside of garbage trucks, and they will be used as a glorified navigation system. That’s right, the people who drive the same routes for a living will get satellite navigation. Terrific.

But that’s not all! These lucky “refuse” collectors, or whatever they’re called this time – the UK government likes to change the title every week or so – will be able to spy on people, and note down how much recycling they are, or more likely are not, doing. Expect fines to follow, which is probably how these lovely new iPads will be paid for.

“Glenn Stuart, Bury’s head of waste management, said: “The scheme is replacing paperwork, which can get lost or get wet. Waste collection is a dirty operation. iPads will be pre-loaded with information and streets and houses will be seen on-screen.”

Why do we get the impression someone at the Bury council has stock in Apple?


  • I live in the UK and this sounds like garbage.

    • Meh


  • Burge

    Paper work that gets wet…er might sound stupid but a iPad and water don’t go together ether..

  • Mark

    just get a gps stupid garbage truck drivers are too dumb to understand.

    • QuarterSwede

      The point made in the article is that they drive the same route all the time. They don’t NEED GPS devices.

  • soccerkrzy

    This is actually a great plan, don’t understand the bashing. You mention the budget cut, this is less than 0.05% of that, you’re talking millions where this is thousands. Operating a large and heavy vehicle, it will be nice to have a larger nav display, and I’m sure it will have tracking software so the main facility can see where all their trucks are monitor how quickly they do their route. This data can be used to recalculate routes to make them more efficient and in the long run saving more than the costs of the iPads.

    I swear, people get too stupid when they hear stories like this.

    • Jamie

      Can you even read ?? .. Do you live in the UK, i’d guess not judging by your name (soccer being the US name for FOOTBALL!!!) The councils, thanks to the Tories have had huge budget cuts, they are investing in this purely to monitor what people are recycling, or not, so they can fine people and rake back some of the money they are losing, so who exactly wins in this? ..

      1) The taxpayer … No
      2) The council .. Yes

      Closing libraries, closing nursing homes, cutting funding and now trying to impact the normal persons life even more by fining them wherever possible.

      Don’t be so naive, you talk about being stupid, seriously, you clearly have no idea yourself.

  • Lewis

    The Driver Drives Round The Streets Enough Times To Know Where He’s Going Stupid Council

  • Bamboozle

    Q- is so that iDB and the writer of this Article denigrate the profession as a garbage collector?

  • @jamie
    Soccer is British actually.

    It is a public schoolboy nickname, short for Association football.
    When different versions of the game existed (the other now being known as rugby) to distinguish the two games schoolboys nicknamed association football ‘soccer’ and rugby was also nicknamed ‘rugger’

    Council’s aren’t dragons hoarding all the money they can, any remaining unspent funds simply won’t be allocated to them next year (if there’s no need for a borough to use that extra money it can be used nationally)

    Yes there have been some budget cuts, some justifiable others are being squeezed or cut yes. I was on a sponsored business education programme which had it’s funding pulled, thankfully it has been given a grant to run again this year (latest as far as I know).
    A local library was split in half and now half is a business suite for council helped startups (I had an office there) It’s not simply black and white/red and blue.

    A lot of information is dumbed down so that more people can understand or get a brief idea of what’s going on in the world, unfortunately too much dumbing down and sometimes the point of reason is lost.

    I agree, yes ideally they would be able to track the average time and drive path of the trucks. Monitor at the council and make adjustments as seemed fit, this could also be used to monitor recycling use which is quite low in some areas (I think I am the only one who does it on my street, unfortunately cardboard and plastics still aren’t collected here though)

  • Djttothee

    More taxes that is how they are going to cover these iPads when they go national.

    The government take the piss as it is!