Shrine of Apple has one simple goal, to document every Apple product ever made in high-quality photos and video. Not only that, but they are also getting shots of original packaging and accessories.

In the process, the site is essentially creating an online museum of sorts, with goals of showcasing every publicly released product since Apple’s humble beginnings in 1976…

Shrine of Apple explains:

Our mission is to showcase the entire spectrum of products that Apple have sold to the public since 1976 – every product Apple Inc has ever produced, in the highest quality and definition possible. Every desktop, every laptop, every notebook, monitor, iPod, iPad, iPhone, mouse, keyboard, modem, cable, port, adapter, docking station, memory expansion card….and that’s just their hardware. Operating systems, productivity suites and all the great software titles that Apple have published will make an appearance too!

The Shrine of Apple team seems to be taking the project pretty seriously. They’ve posted a breakdown of their process from acquiring products to the photography. Step 3 explains how they’ve produced these great shots:

“We are using a Canon EOS Rebel Xsi with an X lens, and all products are shot on a Manfrotto 220PSL Still Life Table. This awesome table allows us to place a light source underneath to get the full white lit background that helps us get our shots looking so great. All photos are imported on to a Mac and post processed (touch up, meta data, etc) using Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3, both totally awesome products whose capabilities we haven’t even scratched.”

While there isn’t nearly every Apple product featured on the site currently, creator of the site and Apple collector Jonathan Zufi plans on adding more products every week (snippet from the current collection below). You can stay updated when new products are added by following ShrineOfApple on Twitter.

What do you think of these gorgeous photos? Which Apple products not currently in the collection would you like to get a peek at?

Or perhaps you have mint-condition retro Mac lying around you want to lend to the cause?


  • You need to fix your feed – you only showing a little bit of the article and not your images is plain SEO crap.

    You have lost a few readers for sure due to it.

    If you want me to read your content, give me all of it.

    • Aiden


    • Matt


  • bc

    This is a critique coming from a photographer: I wouldn’t call the photos gorgeous. They are, frankly, sub par by Apple standards, but otherwise average product shots. I browsed though some of them and there is a definite need for color correcting and some of the points of focus are less than ideal. Considering Apple’s image is everything culture, they need to do better.

    That said, it’s a cool idea. It just needs to be implemented better.

  • bc

    Just as an example, look at the image of the iphone in the photo you included in this post. It’s orange. That would NEVER fly on

  • Dan

    Crap article doesn’t show the whole range

  • Dan

    Crap article doesn’t show the whole range.

    I am disappointed

  • Dan

    Crap article doesn’t show the whole range.

    I am disappointed.