VoiceKeys is a brand new jailbreak tweak from Ryan Petrich, that attempts to bring easy to use speech-to-text to the iPhone.

In order to make the tweak as seamlessly integrated as possible, Ryan opted to use the already popular Action Menu as a means to invoke the speech recognition properties.

The result thus far has been sort of a mixed bag, but keep in mind that this is only version 1.0 of the tweak. Check inside for a video demonstration of VoiceKeys in action…

VoiceKeys utilizes Google’s speech recognition, and thus it requires an internet connection to translate your spoken voice into text.

As you can see from my video demonstration, the recognition isn’t really up to par thus far. I’m not sure if this is an issue with Google’s speech recognition, the tweak itself, or a combination of the two.

Given Petrich’s track record though, I’d say the tweak is bound to be optimized and improved in the future.

Have you tried out VoiceKeys? What do you think about it so far?

  • Elch08

    It only recognizes english language. German and other languages would Be appreciated.

    • At this point, I don’t think it even recognizes English. 🙂

      • Thebeanstalk

        Hahaha very true. Still very very buggy but fantastic concept. Needs dragon dictation implemented so no need for Internet which would make it speedier. But I know that is infringement of dragon…. 🙁

      • QuarterSwede

        Dragon’s own iOS apps use the internet as well. Naunces engine is just a lot better.

  • Unfortunately, Google’s speech recognition service is very limited. It doesn’t deal well with quiet input, long input or accents that aren’t “Manhattan” or “Californian”–my hope is that Google’s service will get better over time.

    Also, it fares much better when the device is held to the face

    • Ryan: That’s what I figured (Google’s issue) but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for clarifying. This tweak has awesome potential if the accuracy can be improved. It’s already got a solid foundation being plugged into ActionMenu.

    • Derp

      Is there any way that it could be tied in with Dragon Dictation? Just a suggestion. Great tweak.

      • I was in contact with the Nuance people over a year ago and had a demo up and running, but then they stopped responding to me.

  • @Max_Kas

    Yea its definitely messed up on Google’s end but hopefully will get fixed in the future. Great idea regardless to implement voice recognition into the action menu.

  • Viral

    pipedistrict pipedistrict? lmao

  • Steve


  • prplaya420

    nice but without internet would be good maybe on 3g

  • Byrd


  • Chris

    how did he get the weather on the status bar?

    • QuarterSwede


  • Gavin

    Is the mic on the bottom of the phone? And the phone is in a doc from what I could see. Would that be the reason for the bad recognition?

    • Off camera I tried it both ways and got similar results. The dock is just there so that i can show it off to you guys steadily. I should have shown you how it worked outside the doc though, in hindsight.

  • Steve

    Hopefully given some more time, this will be something special!

  • bc

    The developer had no business releasing this. It’s a useless tool right now regardless of whether it’s a problem on Google’s end or Petrich’s. If this eventually works, it’ll be awesome and something the iPhone should have had a long time ago.

  • BloFish

    REVOLUTIONARY! if you ever get this working w/out need for internet is just Awesome!

  • bob

    great idea has potential but needs much better voice recognition and speed to be of any use

  • Surely Apple will incorporate a similar feature in a future iOS release what with their partnership with nuance?

  • scirica

    I noticed Notes app is highlighted in the video, would this work for the IM app as well? That is where I really need it! Great start, will only improve over time given Ryan’s track record as a developer!

  • Boogiepop

    This app keeps randomly blacking out tge screen typing words I don’t say cuz of the tilt recognition it’s scary cuz sometimes the words make a sentance I didn’t say

    • Boogiepop

      I didn’t even realize it did ut again wtf!! You need an option to turn off the proximity function cuz I think my iPhone is possessed lol typing words I don’t say changing my conversations

  • Adapssis

    This tweak caused my proximity sensor to engage during browsing or SMS. I had to uninstall it and that resolved the issue

  • Javier

    How can you enlarge the app’s folders?

  • Can’t see voicekey on action menu