Everyone’s getting in on the instant messaging market these days. The likes of WhatsApp have been taking the App Store by storm, and Facebook has even joined the fray with Facebook Messenger. Despite only being available in the US store, the social giant has made its intentions clear.

Even Apple is all set to join the competition, with iMessage coming to iOS devices when iOS 5 launches some time in September. As if the flood gates have now been opened, another manufacturer is joining the instant messaging game, with Samsung trying its luck…

Given the rather odd name of “ChatON” and expected to be unveiled this week, Samsung’s entry boasts one huge advantage over Apple’s iOS-only solution – ChatON is cross-platform. That means an iOS client, an Android client, and even a BlackBerry client. Samsung’s own BADA also feels the love, too. At launch, according to Engadget, ChatON will be available to people in over 120 countries, and in 62 languages. That’s considerably more than Facebook has managed thus far!

The Korean’s app offers texting, group chat and image/video sharing in one rather colorful-looking app, though we’re not sure about the promotional video below!

Facebook and Samsung have joined an already crowded market, is there really room for Apple’s iMessage? We can’t help but wonder whether, despite its deep integration into the stock iOS Messages app, iMessage might actually be dead on arrival.

The key here is the proliferation of apps that are cross-platform, meaning all your friends can chat to each other regardless of their smartphone of choice.

Of course, if Apple keeps selling iPhones and iPads hand over fist, not to mention the good ol’ iPod touch, then it might not matter in the long run!

Would you choose ChatON over iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and the rest?

  • **COPY** **COPY**

    • Craig

      iMessage is just a copy of BBM so what is your point.

      • i actually meant **COPY COPY** of imessage and BBM . do you read anywhere in my post about copy of imessage ? no

      • Craig

        So be more clear about what you mean then you fucktard instead of just typing copy copy, easy to say that’s what you meant after it was questioned !!

      • Josh

        Easy to treat people like that when you’re sitting in front of a PC screen. I mean, I can do it myself. I would like to see how tough you are in person, you pathetic idiot.

      • me

        Josh that was for me or to Craig?

    • Josh

      To stupid ass Craig.

      • thanks for supporting me. 🙂

  • 100PercentMac

    No, I wouldn’t. iPrefer iMessage cause it’s from Apple. Lol

    • Kent

      fanfreak. Oh come on! REALLY!?! Just because it’s made from Apple was your response? Wow.

      • IMO, Apple produces the best of what’s offered in the market so shutup u hater lol.

  • Kyle Jones

    iMessage is great but it will be hurt by the lack of cross-platform support. As much as I am not a fan of Android, I think this app will land on more iDevices than previously thought just because not everyone has an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

  • Will

    The fb messenger app is also in the Canadian store

  • Cam Cam

    I’d still prefer to just text people. A lot of my friends don’t have data plans.

  • Tito Torrisi

    About the fb messenger app, it is now available in the german android market. Sebastien said that it was only available in the U.S. Market at first. So this could hint on an international release soon.
    Has it been on the canadian app store from the beginning?
    Currently I have to get it from installous, hope it will be in the app store soon.

  • Ed

    I like Apple but iMessage is not a great app, it could be grate if Apple include iMessage in MacBooks, iMacs, etc. That would be amazing!

  • Rich

    I love my iPhone, and i have iOS 5 and iMessage is pointless. Most people with an iPhone will have unlimited texts. Note how I said “Most” And it doesn’t offer anything exciting. It only has the ability to tell if someone has read your message. BBM does well because it offers a social experience. Status updates, emoticons, things people want. People don’t want just to know if their text was read, thats just something for crazy girlfriends/boyfriends to use to start an argument.

    • Craig

      That’s just typical Apple, not giving the user anything that they want and when they do implement stuff people want it’s 14 months too late !!

    • Kent

      LOL! I love BBM, but I dislike BBs. I think this could be a solution. Whatsapp is Crap. (and it rhymes!)

  • ASSrock

    WhatsApp is also crossplatform and pretty cool…

  • BloFish

    why not just text??? is it actually cheaper somewhere to use data over text?

    • Kent

      I pay 15 euros a month for unlimited (yes, UNLIMITED) data, while text messages are 15 cents a piece. I wrote A LOT of messages. So yes, Data is A LOT cheaper than SMS messages.