We know, these rumors regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone announcement are getting out of control. Are there going to be two different smartphone models, or just one as usual? Will it resemble its predecessor, or feature an all new design?

Another question is that if there is a low-end smartphone introduced, what will it look like? We’ve heard a lot of scenarios, but at this point a retooled iPhone 4 seems the most likely. GigaOM lends support to this theory, relaying a report from Apple’s supply chain…

The news comes from Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, who’s been speaking with overseas sources about Apple’s plans for the Fall:

“From a supply chain perspective, total iPhone volumes could be up high single digits sequentially to around 22 million units with the upgraded iPhone representing almost a quarter of the volume. The “new” iPhone is expected to be a spec upgrade and not a complete redesign. It is likely that the existing iPhone 4 could be repositioned as a “lower” cost device and will continue to ship until the rollout of the completely redesigned iphone sometime next year.”

Not only is Apple expected to relaunch the iPhone 4 this Fall, but it’s expected to be its most popular model. According to Kumar, out of the 22 million iPhones Apple will make next quarter, 17 million of them will be iPhone 4s.

Apple has had a lot of success with its $49 3GS promotion, so it would make sense to do something similar with this year’s model. The question is how do they turn a $650 phone into a $300 phone?

After 14 months of making the device, Apple’s manufacturing lines for the iPhone 4 have to be running at top efficiency. And on top of production costs saved, Apple has also been rumored to be swapping out the bigger hard drives for a less expensive 8GB.

While a low-cost iPhone 4 reincarnation will surely appease investors (and sell like hotcakes), the lack of a completely revamped iPhone might turn off some would-be purchasers. I know that it’ll make the decision more difficult for me. What about you?

  • Craig

    Why can’t Apple get with the program and offer expandable memory, being told what you can do with your device, whether it be the lack of theme support and other restrictions makes the iPhone suck. I own an iPhone 4 but i’m seriously reconsidering going with Apple when my contract runs out, aesthetics is the only thing that keeps me with them currently. I want to see themeing, widgets, access to the file structure, support to use it as a usb storage device, expandable memory, bluetooth file transfer and so on and so on .. Apple lack in so many areas and just refuse to acknowledge what people want or need while other handsets have had these features for so long.

    Apple really could blow Android etc completely out of the water if they gave people the control and flexibility over their devices.

    • bill

      such changes would go against apple’s doctrine and would make their devices on the same level as android; such changes would lower their desirability among non-power users. Other than expandable memory, you can currently do all of them by jailbreaking or through apps anyway, so your point really is invalid.

    • Asad

      As the cloud storage is expanding u dont really need to physically increase the capacity (using mem cards)..

    • Isaac

      if everyone could access to the file structure as on android, there would be the same numbers of android malware on iOS, so, im ok without having that access as long as my device dont have viruses, anyway, you can get winterboard, dreamboard, ifile, bumper ibluetooth if you want to

  • I thought it said iPhone 4S. lol

    • Asad

      Lol i realized it after reading ur comment

    • CrazyBraulz

      Oh nooo!!!