iOS 5 will be unveiled alongside iCloud and the next iPhone to the public this Fall, and non-developers are clamoring to get their hands on Apple’s next major version of iOS. Apple has added a long list of new features to iOS 5 that greatly enhance the experience on both the iPhone and iPad. But there’s always room for more innovation.

We’ve come across a nice concept video that showcases a boatload of possible features for iOS 5. Check it out after the break…

Features in the video include:

  • Persistent notifications in the status bar
  • Third party widget management through Notification Center
  • Collapsable notifications in Notification Center
  • Unobtrusive incoming call notifications
  • App icons changing on the springboard based on different notifications
  • Better app and widget management
  • Widgets in Spotlight search window
  • Fast app switching with Mac OS X-style gestures
  • New touch gestures for managing open applications
  • iPhone and Mac joined through WiFI connection

We’ve seen iOS 5 concept videos before, but this one definitely packs the most features in a single vid. Hopefully Apple will continue to add features similar to these in future updates. How cool would it be to text from your Mac’s menubar?

[Thanks, Mayur!]

  • Alex

    This video is a copy of's concept videos.

    • QuarterSwede

      That’s the first thing I noticed.

  • norablindsided

    Good ideas, except for the messaging part (which would probably be near impossible due to carrier restriction). I think that it would be linked with the iChat? (not sure what it is called for iOS 5 but it’s similar to Blackberry Messenger)

    Some great ideas. Some might be problematic due to the amount of memory it would consume. That’s one of the things I think that Apple has not included widgets yet because some can take up a lot of RAM. However, be aware I’m not exactly an expert.

    Again, great ideas; if I could get a jailbreak thing with all of these features, I would jailbreak in a heart beat.

    • iCrapped

      iMessage 🙂

    • norablindsided

      Also, one thing I would like to see with iOS 5 is the ability to turn off multitasking for specific apps. I don’t need some of my games running in the background.

      • norablindsided

        Well, apps aren’t exactly running in the background, but you now what I mean.

  • Samuel Cortez

    Wow! That is Awesome! 😀

  • BLiNK

    holy shit, that is amazing!

  • QuarterSwede

    Interesting ideas.

    * 4×2 widgets on the homescreen is a terrible idea and make it look cluttered.
    * Zooming in on apps that are dynamic widgets is brilliant. It’s consistent with how the iPod nano now looks. However, battery life would absolutely tank.
    * Connection to a computer for notifications is a good idea and is much needed.

    • norablindsided

      I disagree, I would love widgets on my iPhone. Now, I would keep my widgets separated from my apps, but for apps I use on a daily basis, it would be a great way to look, ok no twitter mentions I’m good and quickly move on.

  • ic0edx

    If that is what iOS 5 would look like I would completely stop Jailbreaking. I would even pay $1000 right now for that iOS build, if it was real. How do the make them look so real?

  • UttamHM

    When iOS 5 going to release

    • norablindsided

      Fall (specific date hasn’t been posted yet, but it’ll probably be sometime around the end of September – Early October.

      • September 30th actually.

  • @Max_Kas

    I would love all of these features. Sadly I think that Apple is going to have complete control of notification center widgets for the first year and then open it to Dev’s later on.

    • norablindsided

      This is iOS 6, this time we’ve released our widget api for notification center to Twitter. Now, you can create new tweets in notification center.

      This is iOS 7, this time we’ve released our widget api for notification center to Pandora Radio. Now, you can control your music (not only for pandora, but also for iPod) from notification center.

      This is iOS 8, you guys have complained about not being able to have customizable widgets in Notification Center, so we changed the entire system…no more widgets.

  • ic0edx

    I also love how twitter was implemented in to notification center.

  • Chris

    It’ll be done through jailbreak if apple doesn’t do it.

    • Goofygreek

      I would love it if my phone could do all that. Doesn’t android do most of that?

      • Josh

        Yeah, but it doesn’t make up for all the lag and bugs Android comes with.

  • WhiteBoySA1

    What is the background on this iphone? Email me the link to it

  • Lii

    What is the name of the song?
    On the video thank you

  • Oliver

    I was thinking, if Android would have patented the “notification toolbar” I don’t think Apple would be able to use that feature; but, Android did not and it looks better on the iOS anyways. Great Ideas, some problematic, they can always be released on Cydia 🙂

  • The ideas were amazing wether they will be released or not thats the question but if u want them they’ll probably get released on Cydia and u can just choose the ones you want.

  • Mattia

    That’s amazing I would love to do that on my iPhone. The best thing was the widgets thingy 😀

  • Mattia

    That’s amazing I would love to do that on my iPhone. The best thing was the widgets thingy

  • Ken

    This is all available via jailbreak tweaks.

    • zack

      What jailbreak tweaks are these because I will go get them immediately

  • Josh

    How is it that Jan Michael Cart hasn’t been hired by Apple yet?

  • Jimbo Jones

    If spotlight was shifted to the Notification centre – that would be awesome. A swipe down is as quick as a swipe right. Right?